The lost art of the recumbent Christ

April 16, 2022 James Day 2

Beginning in the mid-1300s, startlingly lifelike, carved effigies of the entombed Christ punctuated cathedral chapels throughout the Alsace region of modern-day France. These Holy Graves, as they were called, were simple monuments. Christ lay recumbent […]


St. Pope John Paul II and Ukraine

April 14, 2022 Filip Mazurczak 13

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues claim thousands of civilian lives and has precipitated the biggest refugee crisis in post-World War II Europe. Thus, it seems timely to reflect on the relationship of St. […]


Canceling Henry VIII

April 6, 2022 Joseph Pearce 68

Times change. A century ago, Henry VIII was lionized as an English patriotic icon and as one of the truly great men of history. He was praised for being highly cultured and for his love […]