How to help Catholics get married

January 19, 2023 Rachel Hoover 36

In Part One of this essay, I noted that marriage rates have declined in recent decades, including among Catholics, and that there are countless reasons for this trend. While many Catholics have been impacted by […]


Remembering Cardinal Pell

January 16, 2023 Tracey Rowland 32

In one of my last conversations with Cardinal Pell we talked about Margit Balogh’s biography of Cardinal Mindszenty, titled Victim of History. Balogh chose as the opening epigraph Mindszenty’s statement: “I shall keep on fighting…until […]


T.S. Eliot and Uncritical Biography

January 14, 2023 Edward Short 7

I The other day, I was reading Eugenio Montale’s introduction to Allen Mandlebaum’s translation of The Divine Comedy and I was struck by the wisdom of something the modern Italian poet said, and it was […]