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A study, written by one of Fr. Schall's former students, of the public art and urban spaces in northern Ireland reveals how secular philosophy and globalization have supplanted tradition and religion


A university professor rarely knows what happens to former students who pass on out of the university to their own lives. Once in a while, a former student will write. He will tell you what he is now ...

One rarely finds, among German churchmen today, a sobered openness, born of the recognition that something has gone terribly wrong and that another approach to evangelization and catechesis must be found

The 21st-century Church owes a lot to 20th-century German Catholicism: for its generosity to Catholics in the Third World; for the witness of martyrs like Alfred Delp, Bernhard Lichtenberg, and Edith Stein; for its contributions to Biblical studies, systematic and moral theology, liturgical renewal, and Catholic social doctrine, through which German Catholicism played a leading role in Vatican I...

An Argentine lawyer and professor of law responds in detail to the arguments and suggestions of Cardinal Walter Kasper.

[Editor’s note: This is the first installment in a series examining Cardinal Walter Kasper’s proposals regarding the reception of Communion by the civilly divorced and remarried.]

The point of view of a layman and attorney

The publication of Cardinal Walter Kasper’s The G...

We need trade, technology, and engineering schools. But universities are for something beyond trade, technology, and engineering.

“I think almost all serious people understand that about 90% of what goes on in schools is ‘practically useless.’” — Neil Postman, “My Graduation Speech”

“The scanty conceptions to which we can attain of celestial things give us, from their excellenc...

For a nation to exist in relative peace there must be a common history, and our most accessible commonality is human nature with its sins and its nobility as its story is told in good books

The problem posed by the Baltimore riots is not racial but endemic, for it is the problem of a society that is too often aggrieved. The background for this culture of grievance is egalitarianism, the belief that because in some supra-lapsarian world, in the days before Adam disobeyed and before Cain murdered, all men were created equal, therefore the perfect world of Eden should still ex...

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