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We have, with the publication of Fr. Robert Spitzer's quartet of books on "Happiness, Suffering, and Transcendence”, a major event in Catholic intellectual history, indeed in the history of philosophy.

We began…by noting that our view of consciousness is the new field upon which the academic and cultural battle between materialism, panpsychism, and transcendentalism is being waged. We now see that the outcome of this battle will not only affect our personal view of life’s purpose, the world, human dignity, and human value, but also the culture&#...

Myths about the pilgrims and religious freedom have obscured some surprising truths about this great American holiday.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is a Catholic holiday? True, it’s not on the Church calendar. And it is celebrated only in America, whereas Church holidays are universal.

Our national holiday is certainly an event that has taken on a life of its own, with an established tradition involving turkey and mashed potatoes, football, shopping, a...

Peace, poverty, and the environment will be the themes at the forefront of the Pope’s six-day trip to three African countries, Nov. 25-30.

When Pope Francis met the Kenyan bishops during their ad limina visit at the Vatican in April 2015, one of them, Bishop Anthony Muheria of the Diocese of Kitui, joked in Italian, “Thank you, Your Holiness, for saying you will come to Kenya!”—to which Pope Francis replied, “No, no, I only said I was thinking about it!” Four months later, on Au...

While Mass-attendance rates have steeply declined over the last 30 years, today France is witnessing the rise of an increasingly self-confident—and dynamically orthodox—Catholicism.

When many think about France and religion today, the images that usually come to mind are those of a highly secular society with a growing Islamic presence: a combination of widespread indifferentism, epicurean Voltairans, persistent anti-Semitism, increasingly radicalized Muslims, and now jihadist-inspired and organized terrorism. But now even some secular French journalists...

The African cardinal's new book addresses gender ideology, the definition of marriage, the mission of the Church, the joy of the Gospel and loss of faith
At the presentation of his new book Cardinal Robert Sarah said that Western society is rapidly forgetting God, and expressed his desire to help people rediscover him through both prayer and witness.

“I would like to help people discover God in their lives, because many of us have lost God,” Cardinal Sarah told CNA at the Nov. 20 presentation of his new book, 
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