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Fr. Jacques Hamel, 84, was killed Tuesday after two armed gunmen stormed a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during Mass.

Pope Francis has decried the “absurd violence” which has left an elderly priest dead after his church in northern France was taken hostage during Mass.

In a statement released Tuesday by the Vatican, the Pope, having been informed of the situation, “participates in the pain and horror of this absurd violence,” while...

Despite the appalling specter of Islamic terrorism now gripping Europe—the attacks and slaughter in Munich, Nice, Brussels, Paris—Europeans, while once united in faith, aren't likely to seek the intercession of St. James today.

“Europe will return to the faith or she will perish.” — Hilaire Belloc, Europe and the Faith.

Soon after the March, 2004 bombing of Madrid’s Atocha train station by Al Qaeda partisans, there were calls to remove the statue of Saint James the Moorslayer from Spain’s famous cathedral in Santiago de Compostela....

A new book explores the Jesuit connection to world Catholicism and world problems in the 19th and 20th centuries.

“When your venerable rector pressed me into service and informed me in his masterful way that I was to speak this morning on the 400th anniversary of the Jesuits, I got down the dictionary to see just what they were. I had known a few in my time, but it is difficult merely by knowing thousands of Jesuits to discover their mysterious individuating notes. It is even true...

In many respects, reports of the death of the Society of Jesus are greatly exaggerated.

Defying predictions of what some anticipated as an “implosion” of the Society of Jesus in America just a few years ago, the Jesuits recently

Given the Church’s longstanding and irreformable teaching that death may in principle be a legitimate punishment for grievous crimes, the key issue for Catholics is an empirical and practical question.

Editor’s note: This is Part 2 of a two-part article on Catholicism and the death penalty. Part 1 was titled "Why the Church Cannot Reverse Past Teaching on Capital Punishment" and was posted on Jul...

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