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From a young age, Read felt her artistic calling, whether expressed through poetry, composing essays, a memoir, or, now, fiction—for her, all of this has a single purpose: the greater glory of God.

As I entered Soho Square the bell of St. Patrick’s Church started to toll.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon. The bell rang out three times and then continued tolling. It was the hour of Great Mercy. It was to this sound of a tolling bell that I entered the church. There the Blessed Sacrament was exposed upon the altar. It was here also where, as arranged, I m...

Increasingly, we live in a system that tends to merge public and private, absorb everything into economics and power, and promote a wholly this-worldly way of life.

Many Christians argue for capitalism on the grounds that markets and private property support man’s rightful freedom, and doing away with them means poverty and tyranny. That seems a strong argument, so in response opponents of capitalism need to say that the current system has additional features that make it intrinsically bad and worth getting rid of.

Earlier this year, th...

While the situation for Vietnamese Catholics has improved in recent decades, threats of violence, coercion, and harassment still exist.

Late last month, the president of Vietnam, Tran Dai Quang, met with Pope Francis for a private audience at the Vatican. Though the meeting was described by the Holy See Press Office as “cordial,” relations between Rome and Vietnam have been bumpy for the last several decades. One of five remaining Communist nations, Vietnam

The editors of a new book of essays on Cardinal John Henry Newman are unable to overcome their own biases in their consideration of the great churchman.

No Englishman—or only Lord Byron—ever fascinated his countrymen more than John Henry Cardinal Newman. Lord Macaulay was convinced that the British public’s fascination with Byron was mostly pharisaical. For the great Whig historian, the man whom Sir Walter Scott called “the Champion of the English Parnassus” was held up “as a sort of whipping boy” t...

The battle against cultural jihad will be fought—is now being fought—in workplaces, in school boards, in town councils, and, most of all, in courts. And very few are prepared to fight the battle on that level.

We shall not flag or fail.  We shall defend our homeland, whatever the cost may be.  We shall fight in the town councils, we shall fight in the workplaces and in the school boards, we shall fight in the courts and state legislatures.  We shall never surrender.  Or will we?

Older readers will recognize this as a (not very elegant) paraphrase of Winston ...

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