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We may be learning that those who claim to speak of the people, by the people, and for the people, may not really know the people.

“Thy neck is a tower of ivory" (Song of Solomon 4:7). In so saying, the Old Testament reminds one that standards of beauty do change. To call a long white neck swan-like is a commonplace, and the Arabic equivalent is fawn-like. Even Marge in “The Simpsons” cartoons is said to have a neck like a swan. But a neck like a tower of ivory seems unique to Solomon’s song t...

The 13th annual pro-life event shared the streets of San Francisco with the Women’s March on Saturday, but participants were unfazed by pink hats and counter-protests.

The Walk for Life West Coast, held on Saturday, January 21, was full of familiar sights for the approximately 50,000 pro-lifers who gathered in San Francisco from around the Bay Area and from elsewhere in California and across the country. Lots of up-beat pro-life signage, lots of babies in strollers, lots of Catholic religious in cleric...

A new Liszt biography by Oliver Hilmes has archival merits and rapid narrative flow, but supplies inadequate coverage of Liszt’s actual compositions.

“ [François] Mauriac has said: ‘The Romantics were the corrupt children of Christianity.’ I should not put it so harshly; but it is very much more true than talking of the Victorians as smug, contented Christians. The Victorian Age w...
Volume Two of de Lubac's "Vatican Council Notebooks", recently published Ignatius Press, is filled with endless detail, much drama, and many surprises.

Last year I had the pleasure of reading and reporting to our readers on the first volume of Henri de Lubac’s memoirs of the Second Vatican Council.  With

A British writer claims Pope Francis “steadily filling the College of Cardinals with moderate pastors rather than doctrinal ideologues.” This is, of course, a standard journalistic trope. It’s also fake history.

Speaking of public policy debates, Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said that, while everyone had a right to his opinion, no one had a right to his own facts. Something similar might be said about today’s debates within the Church: everyone has a right to their opinion about the state of Catholicism in 2017, but no one has a right to invent their own Church history.

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