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An imaginary, but not fanciful, sketch of what such a commission’s report to Pope Francis might say.

A new birth control commission? Here’s hoping the reports out of Rome are only speculation, possibly generated by the fact that the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical condemning artificial contraception, is little more than a year away. (The encyclical was issued July 25, 1968.)

The story origina...

A high-profile medical journal publishes an attack on religious freedom protections for physicians. What can pro-life providers do in the face of efforts to suppress their rights of conscience?

Recently, Ronit Y. Stahl, PhD and Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD penned a contentious editorial published in the April 6 edition of New England Journal of Medicine entitled Physicians, Not Conscripts – Conscientious Objection in Health Care. In it, they argue that healthcare providers cannot appeal to conscientious objection to wa...

There is a reason the Creed is recited every Sunday. And to defend and hold to doctrine is not only not ideological, it is part and parcel of being a Christian.

This past Friday, Pope Francis gave a homily, the central point being (as summarized by Vatican Radio) that "True doctrine unites; ideology divides." So far, so good. But the homily, which was based on the Holy Father's reflections

The controversial program, introduced worldwide at World Youth Day in Krakow last summer, contains key aspects of the thought of St. John Paul II, but is often inconsistent and does contain material that is inappropriate.

The Meeting Point is a new online “affective and sexual” formation program for students, grades 9-12. Billed as an “evolving project,” the program is the brain-child of a group of married couples in Spain. To date, it has the enthusiastic backing of the Spanish bishops and the Pontifical Council ...

Dr. Radomír Malý, a signatory of the famous “Charter 77,” reflects on living under communist rule and oppression for forty years—and what Catholics today can learn from those difficult times.

Dr. Radomír Malý was born in 1947 and today is a well-known and respected Catholic academician and journalist in the Czech Republic. A signatory of the famous “Charter 77,” a declaration critical of the Czechoslovak Communist regime issued in 1977, along with other famous d...

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