Technocracy and the sexes

September 11, 2022 James Kalb 10

Why can’t we all agree that the sexes are different, the differences won’t go away, and denial and suppression aren’t the answer? People talk about confronting stereotypes and so on, but the evident effect of […]


When reason becomes madness

July 1, 2022 James Kalb 62

Why have people become so crazy when there is so much information and so many experts? To answer, we need to know the basic understandings people rely on. These are evidently leading them astray. So […]


Are pro-lifers really pro-life?

May 23, 2022 James Kalb 43

People who don’t like the pro-life movement often say it can’t really be concerned about the baby. Its concern stops at birth, they say, so it must have a hidden agenda, like oppressing women—especially poor […]