The question of the sexes

December 2, 2021 James Kalb 8

Women find men puzzling, and men say they don’t understand women. So the relation between the sexes is evidently a part of human life in which clear understanding is hard to come by. Academic expertise […]


Tradition and traditionalism

November 2, 2021 James Kalb 34

“Traditionalism” mostly has a bad name among commentators. Critics often quote a comment by historian Jaroslav Pelikan: Tradition is the living faith of the dead; traditionalism is the dead faith of the living. Tradition lives […]


What is freedom?

October 14, 2021 James Kalb 8

We talk about freedom as if we knew what it is, but it’s a tricky business. Issues relating to health are a constant source of dispute, so they dramatize some of the problems. Medical freedom […]


Tradition, the Church, and the World

September 1, 2021 James Kalb 64

The dispute over the continuing value of the Traditional Latin Mass has drawn attention to the question of tradition and its role in the Church. That’s a complicated matter. Tradition is important, but not the […]


The Church in the new America

August 4, 2021 James Kalb 32

The Church has always been patriotic here. America offered a better life to millions of Catholics fleeing poverty and oppression, and allowed the Church freedom to worship, evangelize, do charity, and run her own affairs. […]


The pluribus and the unum

June 6, 2021 James Kalb 5

Government is difficult. How can anyone run other people’s lives when he likely has trouble running his own? A basic difficulty is the old problem of the one and the many. In philosophy that problem […]