The Dispatch

Thanksgiving with the Saints

November 23, 2022 Joseph Pearce 11

It is of course right and proper to keep Christ in Christmas, but can it be right and proper to introduce the saints into Thanksgiving? Isn’t Thanksgiving a secular holiday, as oxymoronic as that might […]


Canceling Henry VIII

April 6, 2022 Joseph Pearce 68

Times change. A century ago, Henry VIII was lionized as an English patriotic icon and as one of the truly great men of history. He was praised for being highly cultured and for his love […]

The Dispatch

Jesuit Martyrs and the Tudor Terror

March 26, 2022 Joseph Pearce 16

Editor’s note: The following in an exclusive excerpt from Joseph Pearce’s new book, Faith of Our Fathers: A History of True England (Ignatius Press). —— In October 1588, a few short weeks after the defeat […]

The Dispatch

Opinion: From the ghetto with love

December 10, 2021 Joseph Pearce 16

For the past few months, I’ve been discovering what it’s like to be living in the ghetto. Ever since the issuing of Traditionis Custodes last July, I know what it feels like to be a second-class citizen […]


Benedict XVI: An Apology

November 13, 2021 Joseph Pearce 46

Editor’s note: The following is an exclusive excerpt of the Prologue to Joseph Pearce’s forthcoming book, Benedict  `: Defender of the Faith. Like most people, or at least like most Catholics, I remember exactly where […]