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Two Cities, One Zip Code

Peter M.J. Stravinskas October 20, 2019 1
As I indicated in a recent CWR essay, I have lived under the guidance of John Henry Cardinal Newman from my boyhood. Obviously, then, his canonization on October 13 was a much-anticipated event. For many, [...]

Amazonian Women Deacons?

Mark Brumley October 19, 2019 23
The recommendation of some at the Amazon Synod regarding the ordination of married viri probati, proven men, to the priesthood may or may not be a good idea, but in any case it is in the [...]

A Jesuit Empire

Dr. Samuel Gregg October 16, 2019 10
Few things are more central to Christianity than missionary activity. Yet missionary work is never just about spreading the Christian faith. It inevitably has political, cultural, and economic dimensions. Some of Counter-Reformation Catholicism’s greatest missionary [...]

Newman the Saint

Edward Short October 12, 2019 2
To speak of the saint in John Henry Newman is to speak of a man who gave his entire adult life not only to embodying heroic virtue himself but guiding others to embody it as [...]



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