The Dispatch

The metaphysics of individualism

March 26, 2024 Dr. Edward Feser 6

Modern moral discourse often refers to “persons” and to “individuals” as if the notions were more or less interchangeable.  But that is not the case. In his book Three Reformers: Luther, Descartes, Rousseau (especially in chapter […]


Lofton’s YouTube straw man

July 22, 2023 Dr. Edward Feser 101

There’s a popular mode of online intellectual discourse that I rather dislike, which might be labeled “the extended YouTube hot take.”  It involves a talking head riffing, for an hour or so, on something someone […]

The Dispatch

How to define “wokeness”

March 20, 2023 Dr. Edward Feser 54

A common talking point among the woke is the claim that “woke” is just a term of abuse that has no clear meaning.  Whether many of them really believe this or are just obfuscating is […]


Pope Francis contra life imprisonment

February 26, 2023 Dr. Edward Feser 44

The white supremacist Buffalo shooter who murdered ten people has been sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.  According to scripture, natural law theory, and traditional Catholic moral theology alike, he is worthy of death.  […]