No shelter-in-place for the unborn

June 4, 2020 Monica Seeley 8

These past three months have often felt like wartime, complete with restrictions and rationing. And as often happens in wartime, a parallel struggle has played out under cover of the general chaos. Its battles have […]


The Last Words of Norma

“The anti-choice movement will have a field-day with this and exploit it for all it’s worth.” These are words of Kate Michelman, former head of the National Abortion Rights Action League, spoken on the August […]


Dan Lipinski, myth-buster

March 20, 2020 George Weigel 15

For the past several years, my friend Representative Dan Lipinski (D-IL) and I have pondered the state of the Republic and Dan’s parlous political situation over omelets at Silver Diner or serious carbs at Pancake […]

The Dispatch

Macbeth, Abortion, and Human Rights

January 19, 2020 Jerry Salyer 3

With participants in this year’s March for Life converging upon Washington this week, it seems to me apropos to consider one of the Western Civilization’s profoundest reflections upon the Fifth Commandment. In a pivotal scene […]