Am I called to be a monk?

February 4, 2020 Dom Alcuin Reid 9

Editor’s note: The following letter was originally posted by Dom Alcuin Reid, the founding Prior of the Monastère Saint-Benoît in the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon, France, on the Monastery’s website; it is reposted here with kind […]


Scruton: An Elegy

January 20, 2020 Dr. Jon Kirwan 9

To those who knew him, Roger Scruton was a philosopher. Philosophy for him had little to do with that modern, tenured, and professorial guild that trades in logicism and dismisses wisdom as mere “folk psychology.” […]


Seek the light of Christ—today!

January 4, 2020 Fr. Charles Fox 3

When life’s tragedies strike, people’s hearts can ache with the question: “Where was God when we needed him?” Variations on this question, infused with a heavy dose of accusation, sometimes come from the lips of […]