The Dispatch

The blood of the North American Martyrs

October 18, 2021 Dawn Beutner 4

When Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ was first released in 2004, the secular world focused almost exclusively on its depiction of violence. Movie reviewers who had been recommending horror films for decades […]

The Dispatch

In search of real guardian angels

October 1, 2021 Dawn Beutner 3

Every October 2nd, the Church asks us to remember our guardian angels. But what kind of picture do we have in our minds when we think of guardian angels? Surely every Catholic has seen some […]

The Dispatch

Converting hearts for life

September 22, 2021 Dawn Beutner 2

How can we reach the hearts of pregnant women who are contemplating abortion? That is a difficult task, particularly since there is plenty of proof that women are often forced into having abortions by other […]

The Dispatch

Saint John Vianney and Philomena

August 3, 2021 Dawn Beutner 4

When Saint John Vianney (whose feast day is August 4) attributed miracles to the intercession of the martyr Philomena, was it really her prayers that healed people, or was it due to Saint John’s prayers? […]

The Dispatch

The real character of Saint Martha of Bethany

July 29, 2021 Dawn Beutner 1

Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of listening to an acquaintance unjustifiably criticize someone you consider a friend? It’s shocking when we realize how human beings can completely misunderstand one another. This happens not […]

The Dispatch

Knowing the real Saint Mary Magdalene

July 22, 2021 Dawn Beutner 12

Mary of Magdala, Mary Magdalene, the Magdalene: whatever you call her, she has been one of the most beloved Catholic saints for almost two millennia. Artists have painted her portrait. Well, since she probably died […]