The Dispatch

India, China, and the future

September 27, 2023 George Weigel 4

The September 2 issue of The Spectator featured a cartoon of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak riding an ascending rocket. Inside, the lead article – a preview of the G-20 Summit […]

The Dispatch

Living communio in Cracow

September 6, 2023 George Weigel 5

I wish all those who find themselves concerned, depressed, befuddled, or angry at the present state of the Church could have spent July 3-21 in that city of saints, Cracow, along with my students and […]


Archbishop Fernández and the learning curve

August 23, 2023 George Weigel 32

“Pope Francis has just given the Vatican his Ratzinger,” declared one July 2 headline; “Pope Francis Finds His Ratzinger,” announced another, four days later. Both quickie assessments of Argentinian Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández’s appointment as […]

The Dispatch

Synodality and Sanctity

July 19, 2023 George Weigel 31

Pope Benedict XVI often said that, in today’s skeptical and cynical world, the saints make a more persuasive case for the truth of Christianity than the most sophisticated arguments. One has to wonder, then, why […]

The Dispatch

Synod-2023: Reversing Vatican II?

July 5, 2023 George Weigel 24

The first words of the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on the Church — one of the council’s two most important texts — signaled a decisive development in Catholic self-understanding. Rather than begin its reflection […]