The Dispatch

Roots of Catholic anger

November 7, 2018 George Weigel 58

After a month out of the country, working in Rome at Synod-2018 and helping mark the 40th anniversary of John Paul II’s election at events in Brussels and Warsaw, I came home to find Catholic […]

The Dispatch

Shifting tectonic plates in Eastern Christianity

October 31, 2018 George Weigel 3

ROME. While Synod-2018 was trying to grasp the polyhedron-like character of “synodality” and wrestling with the differences among sexual inclination, sexual orientation, and sexual attraction, tectonic plates were shifting beneath the surface of world Christianity. […]

The Dispatch

John Paul II, youth minister

October 17, 2018 George Weigel 13

Pole that he was, Karol Wojtyla had a well-developed sense of historical irony. So from his present position in the Communion of Saints, he might be struck by the ironic fact that the Synod on […]

The Dispatch

Courage in the Slough of Despond

October 3, 2018 George Weigel 7

I never took a class from historian Frank Orlando, but the motto he placed in the faculty section of my college yearbook — “History is an antidote for despair” —has stuck with me for 45 […]

The Dispatch

Maintenance vs. mission

September 19, 2018 George Weigel 11

Bishops who imagined their role primarily as one of keep-the-lid-on institutional maintenance are one of the primary causes of the McCarrick and Pennsylvania scandals. […]