Nothing about us without us

January 16, 2019 George Weigel 5

The slogan “Nothing about us without us” was used by Solidarity in the 1980s in Poland, borrowing a royal motto from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the mid-second millennium. Then, it was expressed in Latin: Nihil […]


A tough year ahead

January 2, 2019 George Weigel 15

2018 was a bad year for Catholics. 2019 is almost certainly going to be worse. Good reason, then, to reflect on two recent texts from the Church’s Office of Readings. The first is from paragraph […]

The Dispatch

Soho Pilgrimage: A Christmas Meditation

December 26, 2018 George Weigel 2

Advent and Christmastide are full of journeys and pilgrimages: Mary goes to Judea to visit Elizabeth. Mary and Joseph journey to Bethlehem, ostensibly to fill out their tax forms, in truth to fulfill an ancient […]

The Dispatch

Books for Christmas

December 19, 2018 George Weigel 1

Take a stand against the electronification of everything — give (real) books this Christmas. Some recommendations: Paul: A Biography, by N.T. Wright (HarperOne): Dr. Wright’s remarkable ability to explicate the New Testament gives familiar passages […]

The Dispatch

Avoiding another Roman fiasco in February

December 5, 2018 George Weigel 19

By peremptorily ordering the American bishops not to vote on local remedies for today’s Catholic crisis of abusive clergy and malfeasant bishops, the Vatican dramatically raised the stakes for the February 2019 meeting that Pope […]

The Dispatch

A century after the Armistice

November 14, 2018 George Weigel 6

I’m just old enough to remember when my elders still called November 11 “Armistice Day:” the armistice in question that which stopped the shooting in the Great War. As a military matter, World War I […]