The Dispatch

The hard road of national renewal

October 14, 2020 George Weigel 19

Earlier this fall, I was happy to be one of the initial signatories of “Liberty and Justice for All,” a call for national renewal drafted by scholars concerned about the dangerous deterioration of American public […]

The Dispatch

The toxic waste of Roe v. Wade

October 7, 2020 George Weigel 3

Great Britain’s parliamentary democracy has no constitutional text, but rather a “constitution” composed of centuries of legal traditions and precedents. So when British courts make grave mistakes, those mistakes can be fixed, more or less […]

The Dispatch

The providential demise of the Papal States

September 23, 2020 George Weigel 12

Evelyn Waugh’s Catholic traditionalism was so deep, broad, and intense that self-identified “traditional Catholics” today might seem, in comparison, like the editorial staff of the National Catholic Reporter. Yet the greatest of 20th century English prose […]


The Fatuities of Professor Faggioli

September 17, 2020 George Weigel 31

The defense of the dubious by the ill-informed can lead to the preposterous – and that is precisely the slippery slope down which Villanova’s Massimo Faggioli careens in his critique of my recent Washington Post […]

The Dispatch

A man for strengthening others

September 16, 2020 George Weigel 10

When the choirs of angels led Father Paul Mankowski, SJ, into the Father’s House on September 3, I hope the seraphic choirmaster chose music appropriate to the occasion.  Had I been asked, I would have […]

The Dispatch

Christ at the center of the Council

September 2, 2020 George Weigel 44

Conversations with Father Robert Imbelli have been a great blessing in recent years. I have rarely met a more even-tempered and gracious man: a true churchman who, in retirement after years of teaching theology at […]

The Dispatch

Why we are where we are

August 26, 2020 George Weigel 38

By early March 1865, more than a million Americans had killed or wounded each other in civil war; the killing, wounding, and maiming continued for another month or so. Yet amidst that unprecedented carnage, Abraham […]

The Dispatch

Rediscovering Eucharistic Amazement

August 19, 2020 George Weigel 27

In his 2003 encyclical, Ecclesia de Eucharistia (The Church from the Eucharist), Pope St. John Paul II invited Catholics to regain a sense of “Eucharistic amazement.” Being “amazed” by the Eucharist is probably not all that common […]