Open the borders?

October 1, 2019 James Kalb 22

Last month I commented on Catholicism and nationality. My basic point was that the existence of particular peoples is a natural and beneficial part of human life that should be respected. That point is often […]


Saint Augustine Contra Suicide

September 29, 2019 Dr. Jared Ortiz 8

When it comes to attitudes about suicide, we Americans are Janus-faced. We are shocked and grieved when loved ones or famous people take their lives, and yet we show high approval ratings for euthanasia (72% […]


The Crusade of Saint Francis

September 26, 2019 Father Seán Connolly 4

Critics frame the Crusades as an act of aggression from an expansionist Christendom upon an unsuspecting and peaceful Muslim world. This view totally ignores the fact, however, that the these religious wars of the medieval […]