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Progressives and Church history

March 24, 2022 Amy Welborn 16

I gave a talk recently on Catholic Church history – an overview, a quick hits kind of tour. Instead of trying to actually go through a lot of dates and events, I focused on the […]

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Opinion: You’re not listening!

January 30, 2022 Amy Welborn 63

The greatest irony about this irony-stuffed Synod on Synodality is fundamental and glaring. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s this: Anxiously desiring to show that it’s a listening Church, institutional church leaders perfectly demonstrate […]

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“We give them a stone!”

November 19, 2021 Amy Welborn 2

Ready for a revival? Earlier this week, the American bishops voted to push forward on a multi-year plan for “Eucharistic Revival” – rooted in concerns about Catholic engagement, Catholic adherence to beliefs about the Eucharist […]


Eucharistic Incoherence

August 10, 2021 Amy Welborn 29

It’s a dilemma, isn’t it? You have to wonder if anyone ever really thought this through. Let’s look at this. Let’s consider the concrete, material reality of Catholic life before, say 1965. What aspects of […]

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Rigeo, riges, rigere

July 22, 2021 Amy Welborn 18

What is the greatest sin? According to the present papacy, “rigidity” is one, if not the most serious sin of which one can be accused. “Rigidity” – a closedness to change, a stubborn adherence to a […]

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Opinion: Not so pastoral

July 16, 2021 Amy Welborn 57

Let’s do an Occam’s Razor on this new Motu Proprio. It seems pretty simple to me: A number of bishops wanted the tools to restrict celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), and Pope Francis […]

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Not like other girls

July 7, 2021 Amy Welborn 25

A lot of us know the feeling. We’ve had it since girlhood, and for many of us, it’s never gone away. Not like other girls. I wasn’t a so-called “tomboy” as a girl, and as I’ve […]