The Dispatch

The Rise and Rise of Antonin Scalia

March 17, 2023 Austin Ruse 22

At a Times Square hotel in 1994, Justice Antonin Scalia sat a table waiting to address 600 Catholics at a communion breakfast. A waiter approached, not with scrambled eggs and bacon, but with a package […]

The Dispatch

To live (alone) and die (alone) in Japan

February 14, 2023 Austin Ruse 15

Fifty thousand ghost houses in one neighborhood in Tokyo. The Japanese call them “witch-houses,” abandoned houses with no hope of either sale or teardown. There is something on the order of 8.5 million of them […]

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Special Report

A “Socially Conscious” Order

May 4, 2011 Austin Ruse 0

The Christian Brothers Investment Service (CBIS) is the largest or nearly the largest institutional investor of Catholic money in the world. With close to $4 billion under management, the CBIS handles the investment portfolios for […]