The Dispatch

St. Jerome and Protestantism

September 30, 2022 Casey Chalk 9

St. Jerome, whose feast day is September 30th, is known by Catholics for several things. Many know the fourth-century priest as responsible for the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, the official biblical text […]

The Dispatch

Gender ideology as heresy

September 15, 2022 Casey Chalk 3

We often hear that nature both recoils at and resists man’s technological exploitation of her and her resources. “Nature is speaking,” declares a prominent conservation organization’s website. “Not only are the oceans and the atmosphere […]

The Dispatch

The texture of Irish sanctity

March 16, 2022 Casey Chalk 2

Are certain qualities common among the saints of certain nations? To ask the question might seem to undermine the very universality of sanctity. Are some nations’ saints more courageous than others? Do the saints of […]