The Dispatch

St. Jerome and Protestantism

September 29, 2020 Casey Chalk 5

St. Jerome, whose feast day is September 30th, is known by Catholics for several things. Many know the fourth-century priest as responsible for the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, the official biblical text […]

The Dispatch

Why I Am Not a Baptist

July 28, 2020 Casey Chalk 27

I am persuaded God has a sense of humor. When I was once a Presbyterian, Calvinist seminarian, I tried, without result, to persuade my then-Reformed Baptist girlfriend that paedobaptism—the practice of baptizing infants and children—had […]

The Dispatch

When I die, do not cremate me!

May 15, 2020 Casey Chalk 23

There’s something inexplicably profound about the dead, buried body, even as it decays to bones and dust. It reminds man of his morality, while suggesting, via the tension of a corpse that looks and feels […]

The Dispatch

COVID-19, consumerism, and acedia

April 27, 2020 Casey Chalk 8

Stuff — whether material possessions or fleeting entertainment experiences — can’t make us happy. We all know this. Yet many responses to COVID-19, despite its convergence with Lent, proved the depth of our consumerist proclivities. […]