Good-bye, Dad

July 2, 2018 Patrick Coffin 34

I have re-read parts of A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis, the blunt opening line of which tells the truth: “no one told me grief […]

Kevin Costner’s Big Gamble

February 4, 2015 Patrick Coffin 0

Actor-director Kevin Costner is an iconic fixture in American cinema. At 60, he still bears a neo-Gary Cooper, or, some would say, James Stewart, quality. With an understated “aw shucks, ma’am” quality you can’t get […]

The Apartment, Movie-wise

April 14, 2014 Patrick Coffin 0

Few movies can be at once savage and sweet; fewer still while straddling more than one genre. Billy Wilder’s The Apartment (1960) manages all of the above. Dubbed a comedy at its debut, this study […]