Bishop Malone is half right and dead wrong

We may be forgiven the impression that the chief concern of leading Churchmen continues to be the management of scandal, rather than real address of the crisis.

Bishop Richard J. Malone of Buffalo, N.Y., is seen at the headquarters of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington Jan. 17. (CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn)

It is difficult to say whether the figure of Buffalo’s Bishop Richard J. Malone is fundamentally one of tragedy, or of farce. Malone admits mishandling several abuse cases involving both minors and adults. He is accused of covering up behavior that may have been criminal, and of action that certainly endangered innocents, even if it did not enable any actual abuse.

Those accusations are supported by documentary evidence that has been before the public for more than a year, by accusers’ public testimony and that of other eyewitnesses, and by the bishop’s own recorded words.

“There’s no excuse,” said Bishop Malone in a video released this week, presenting new diocesan Adult Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures for the Diocese of Buffalo and a new Code of Pastoral Conduct for Clergy, “no explanation that will satisfy those, who wonder how it is that we have come to this point, or how it is that those in positions of authority and supposed ministry were allowed to cause so much harm, and for so long.”

Bishop Malone is half right: there is no excuse.

The explanation, however, is already largely before us, and wants only the details that a full investigation is apt to provide. Bishop Malone gave the bones of it in his rhetorical flourish: He and his predecessors allowed priests to harm people. Theirs is not a failure “as an ecclesial community,” to borrow the phrase in which Pope Francis couched the matter in August of last year. It is not “that we were not where we should have been, that we did not act in a timely manner, realizing the magnitude and the gravity of the damage done to so many lives,” as Pope Francis also said in his August 2018 Letter to the People of God.

This is no mere failure to act in a timely manner. Bishop Malone made the decisions that kept in ministry a man Malone himself described as a “sick puppy” — a man accused of violating the seal of confession — left for months not only to say Mass, but to counsel and hear the confessions of the faithful. Bishop Malone realized full well the potential for further harm. He was more concerned about the damage to his reputation, should word of his complicity in his flock’s endangerment reach the public.

“We are in a true crisis situation,” Malone is heard saying on secret recordings made by his erstwhile priest-secretary, Fr. Ryszard Biernat. “[E]veryone in the office is convinced this could be the end for me as bishop. It could force me to resign if in fact [the press] make a story,” about the ambiguous relationship — evidence suggests it was a love triangle — involving Fr. Nowak, Fr. Biernat, and a seminarian, Matthew Bojanowksi, over which Malone quietly dithered for months, until it did finally get out that he had left Fr. Nowak in place despite strong evidence of moral turpitude and other behavior gravely criminal under canon law.

In August of 2018, presenting Pope Francis’s Letter to the People of God, then-Press Office Director Greg Burke described the thrust of the missive as being “that greater accountability is needed, not only for those who committed these crimes but those who covered them up, which in many cases means bishops.” In the Letter, Pope Francis wrote that he was “conscious of the effort and work being carried out in various parts of the world to come up with the necessary means to ensure the safety and protection of the integrity of children and of vulnerable adults, as well as implementing zero tolerance and ways of making all those who perpetrate or cover up these crimes accountable.”

He went on to admit that Church leaders have, “delayed in applying these actions and sanctions that are so necessary.” Nevertheless, he went on to say, “I am confident that they will help to guarantee a greater culture of care in the present and future.”

Earlier this year, Pope Francis enacted legislation, Vos estis lux mundi. On paper, the new law is sweeping in scope. When Vatican officials presented the law in May, they touted it as a strong message and a clear signal that Church leadership at the highest levels was no longer willing to tolerate anything except absolute commitment to the most serious reform. Weary of strong messages and impatient of clear signals, neither of which have been followed by any action worth the name, the faithful — not only of Buffalo — quite simply have little or no reason to believe Church leadership at this point.

Bishop Malone told the Buffalo local outlet Spectrum News he is not going anywhere of his own accord. We are told Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York — whose responsibility it is under Vos estis to conduct an investigation — is “very aware of his responsibilities as Metropolitan under Vos estis” and is “following the situation” in Buffalo. “[Cardinal Dolan] talks it through with me,” Malone told Spectrum, “and he really doesn’t take a position on it.”

Vos estis makes it clear that the metropolitan archbishop will be responsible for conducting any investigation into a suffragan bishop. The authorization to conduct an investigation would come from Rome, but the metropolitan can request the Vatican to authorize a preliminary inquest. Indeed, the law seems to presume that, in the normal scheme of things, it will be the metropolitan who makes the request. “Unless the report [of abuse or cover-up] is manifestly unfounded, the metropolitan immediately requests, from the competent Dicastery, that he be assigned to commence the investigation.”

A dicastery of the curia could order an investigation absent a formal request from a metropolitan, but the law foresees that the metropolitan is the one who will usually take the initiative. That’s how it is on paper, anyway. As Bishop Malone told Spectrum, “It’s really up to The Holy See. If the Vatican decides to do a review of our situation here in Buffalo and of my ministry, I welcome that.”

We may be forgiven the impression that the chief concern of leading Churchmen continues to be the management of scandal, rather than real address of the crisis. It is true now — more so than it was nearly a year ago, when I said in these pages — that the true scandal is the evident carelessness of senior Churchmen for victims denied justice, for the faithful sorely tried, and for everyone who has a right to the Gospel, hence to the Church as Christ desires her, not as her appointed shepherds have made her.

One way or another, the Catholic Church’s house will be clean. In November of last year, the questions were: “Who shall do the work of cleaning?” and “Will the cleansing come before the fire sale, or after it?” The longer Church authorities delay acting, the more likely it becomes that Caesar will be the one to clean the Church’s Augean stables, and direct the fire sale, whenever it comes.

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About Christopher R. Altieri 196 Articles
Christopher R. Altieri is a journalist, editor and author of three books, including Reading the News Without Losing Your Faith (Catholic Truth Society, 2021). He is contributing editor to Catholic World Report.


  1. With the upcoming canonization of Cardinal Newman next month, one wonders how many modern day Newmans are not converting precisely because of all of our ongoing scandals.

  2. Repulsive men, Malone and Dolan and Francis.

    They are called, in turn: “His Excellency,” “His Eminence,” and “His Holiness.”

    Too bad for the poor apostles that they missed out on such “supreme” titles and jet-set “careers.”

    • Chris, do you pray for priests, bishops, and most especially our Holy Father instead of using atrocious names (I know I’ve read your responses consistently for over a year)? By calling priests, bishops, and the Pope derogatory names, is leveling judgment against them and God himself. I fear for you as you will be judged as harsh as you judge others. I will pray that your heart will not be so hard. Jesus asks us to be meek and humble of heart. Let Him be the judge of His priests who are in error, He alone knows the full truth.

      • You say at the end of your comment: “He [God] alone knows the full truth”. We know the shocking truth very well already, why we would we want all the heinous, graphic and horrific details, in other words: the Full Truth? Why?? Is that the only way to determine culpability and demand responsibility and punishment? Your comment and its supporting ideas are a graphic example of what’s wrong in the Church today: we have become a hybrid of good and evil under the banner of satanic false charity and satanic false compassion, in other words, we have become spiritually homosexual.

        What God condemns is the judgment used only to exalt ourselves not the judgment used to exalt God Himself, His Truth, His Will and His single-minded purpose to save us from sin! That’s why He says: “When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood” (Ezekiel 3:18).

        All the Prophets, John The Baptist, Jesus, His Apostles, all the Saints, and all of Church history, demonstrate this urgent, unyielding command very well, time and time again. Silence before evil only enables and tremendously empowers it, while corrupting the young, which see through our hypocrisy, and take our silence as total approval, the psychopathic dream of many in our high clergy and in the corrupt world, who do spend great time and energy “lovingly” kissing up to each other, mutual self-worship. Disgusting treason! Yes to Jesus, no to evil, no middle ground. “”Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters”, (Martthew 12:30).

      • Yes Chrisbin Virginia, I just prayed a rosary this morning again for The Pope and Bishops and priests and faithful…despite “His Forgetfulness” and his spokesman Faggioli making mockery of praying the Rosary.

        And I am as humble as a man can be…I Jane no authority and I am of low estate.

        I appreciate your sincere concern for me, but it is very much misplaced.

        You might be more concerned if you knew about the INJUSTICE of the Inzoli case, or that of the Julio Grassi case, or that of the FFI case, or the that of the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Redeemer, for starters.

        I assume you know little or nothing of these, is that surmise correct, or am I mistaken about that?

        And I want you to know that I have been following Jesus’ command to pray for the enemies who persecute the Church, and to fast and pray to wage spiritual war against the evil stalking inside the Church. In truth, since last Sep 2018, I have fasted 2 days a week, except for our seasonal feasts.

        I will not keep silent about sex abusers and coverup artists and liars and embezzlers in the Church, and the mediocre Bishops and Cardinals of The McCarrick Establishment.

        Let us, in cautioning one another, remember what to be cautious of: in England if Henry VIII, among dozens of Bishops in the English Church, only one Bishop stood up for the truth…Bishop John Fisher of Rochester. He was murdered and the other Bishops saved their own skins, and abandoned hundreds of lowly priests and nuns to torture, death, or at best being forced into the street to starve.

        So there is no need to be quite so sanguine about the crimes committed by Cardinals and Bishops of the McCarrick Establishment, since history teaches that Cardinals and Bishops are not necessarily very trustworthy in the majority of cases. And Jesus has not assured us that the way is wide that leads to heaven.

        I will not be quiet, because that is what the frauds of the McCarrick want…its easier for them to go to sleep at night.

        But rest assured, I have great trust in good shepherds. I simply conclude what seems obvious by their well-documented behavior since 2002: good shepherds are extremely valuable in The Church, because they are rare indeed.

        Just ask Governor Keating of Oklahoma, or even, belatedly, his colleague Judge Anne Burke of Illinois…or Marie Collins of Ireland.

      • “I will pray that your heart will not be so hard. Jesus asks us to be meek and humble of heart. Let Him be the judge of His priests who are in error, He alone knows the full truth.”

        I can’t let this comment stand; sadly, this response to Chris in Maryland represents a big part of the problem. Sexual assault and abuse, as well as financial corruption are all criminal acts. They deserve judgment; doesn’t matter whether they are committed by priests, bishops, or the Pope himself. Covering up these crimes, or allowing sexual harassment, abuse etc… of minors, laity, seminarians, or those under your authority is a grave injustice, if not also a criminal act. This cannot be tolerated. You wouldn’t tolerate it in your workplace, you wouldn’t tolerate in your family. Why on *earth* would you tolerate this corruption from members of the priesthood? Why on earth would you tolerate it from someone who claims to be the spiritual father of 1 billion Catholics?

        McCarrick, Grassi, Zanchetta, Inzoli, Barros, Maradiaga, Pineda, 2 auxiliary bishops of Bergoglio (one with a male prostitute in the sacristy), another accused of infidelity with another man’s wife. Oh, and let’s not forget Ricca (of “who am I to judge fare”). At some point, covering your eyes and spewing out this pious blather about being “charitable” becomes untenable.

        • Eric you say “this response to Chris in Maryland represents a big part of the problem”

          I would rather say part of the problem, as the problem is how does the Church restore her credibility, now in the present moment. While acknowledging that we are all sinners in need of His Mercy, in context with “He alone knows the full truth (Reality) of each individual heart”. As action is needed now in the present moment rather than mere words and a condemnations which continually fall upon deaf ears.
          While I absolutely agree with “Sexual assault and abuse, as well as financial corruption are all criminal acts. They deserve judgment

          Many within the clergy have ‘good intent’ but all are immersed in institutional hypocrisy, as they have served its Image rather than God (Truth) first. So we have institutionalized hypocrisy, as the leadership cannot face/show the reality of itself before it’s worldly Image (Clericalism), which has stifled spiritual growth, while ‘enslaving’ them to this worldly Image of perceived perfection.

          The antidote to sin is humility as a humble heart is the only place from where the transforming action of Holy Spirit can be embraced.

          “This is the reality of grace.”

          As St. Vincent de Paul put it centuries ago, “Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying.”

          A cleansing has to take place and I believe that courage will be found, to combat this present evil, through a renewed spiritual awakening, emanating from humility, as sincerity of heart, is from where again we must start.

          A holy Church is a humble Church and by definition a Holy Priesthood is a humble Priesthood.
          Our Lord Himself Has given His Church the means to call to account the elite within the Church now in the present moment while acknowledging that we are all sinners in need of His Mercy.

          Please consider continuing via the link

          kevin your brother
          In Christ

          • “I would rather say part of the problem, as the problem is how does the Church restore her credibility, now in the present moment….As action is needed now in the present moment rather than mere words and a condemnations which continually fall upon deaf ears.”

            Not really sure what to make of your reply, Kevin. I’m limited in my time in what I can do concretely–other than voice my opinion and speak with others–but I do applaud what the main whistleblower in the buffalo case did. There need to be more like her, especially from those in the Vatican who work in the Roman Curia. To hell with the Pontifical Secret.

            I’m not just venting for the sake of venting; my tone has a very specific purpose, and that is to shock people out of their current attitudes (particularly the laity). Laity need to do the same when it comes to bishops–i.e., make them feel *very* uncomfortable. Public shaming, embarrassment, and humiliation work much better than financial pressure, though I don’t oppose that either.

            When the new archbishop of DC, for instance, invites a cardinal who is responsible for a $0.750B settlement related to his role in sex abuse coverup to his installation, he should be made to feel shame. And, I might add, the independent Catholic press should be hounding him to no end.

            Finally, I support a whole range of very practical reforms that would help curtail financial and sexual abuse, to say nothing of making the church run better in general: independent investigations run by professional investigators, independently audited financial statements of dioceses and religious orders (to say nothing of the Vatican), background investigations and audits of clergy (similar to what an employee of the government or CPA firm goes through). These are just the first few things that come to mind. However, again, when I mention these things to folks like the commenter that I originally responded to, I get pious blather. Hence, my reaction is that such people need to be made to feel uncomfortable. They need to be forced to confront the problem and dispense with their passivity.

            That’s all I got. It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

        • Thank you Eric for your comment, on September 27, 2019 at 8:13 pm.

          “but I do applaud what the main whistle- blower in the buffalo case did” I know very little about the buffalo case but I do applaud all whistle-blowers who in good conscience, expose evil whatever its face, also.

          And of course you are “not just venting for the sake of venting” as with Chris in Maryland, who’s comments I have come across on many different Web Sites. I can only admire his tenacity and your concerted efforts to shock and cajole a docile laity, with others into action. While exposing and confronting the deplorable state of the leadership of Church today, emanating from Clericalism (a policy of maintaining or increasing the power of a religious hierarchy) and to maintain that power, many have subdued their own ‘consciences’ in serving a self-serving Image of worldly goodness, rather than God (Truth) first.

          I did not mean to belittle your efforts in any way, rather I was attempting to go to what I believe is the heart of the matter, which is one of spiritual corruption that has produced dead/dormant and laxed consciences, within the leadership, in proposing a way (via my link) to confront these stagnant consciences, while hopefully reinvigorating them.

          “Finally, I support a whole range of very practical reforms that would help curtail financial and sexual abuse, to say nothing of making the church run better in general”

          From my perspective we have a Church within a Church, see via the link.

          The situation given via the link, can only be confronted by a vigorous serving of the Truth in all situations, for this to happen, we will have to have a renewed spiritual awakening, emanating from humility. Anything else is just moving the deck chairs, as the underlying present situation, will remain.

          It is said “the fish rots from the head down” we need to see true humble leadership, as
          Hope’s springs eternal or so the saying goes’
          Doe’s the church present a weed?
          When she should present a rose,
          A light set upon a hill,
          All mankind shall see and know God’s Holy Will.
          No word need be spoken, as all mankind shall see,
          God’s lovers as they bend their knee.
          Justice and Love reflected from above.
          Then missionary shall call, we would have this for one and all
          A crystal (Rome) sat on a hill, manifesting our Fathers
          Holy Will.

          To create this ‘Hope’ should be our priority, as where can mankind look to see the Truth within the Gospels, actually working.
          To Peter “feed my flock” we will always need central direction (Leadership).
          If it cannot be seen in Rome/Peter (Pope Francis), where?
          If the leaders of our Church cannot do this what HOPE is there for mankind?

          It is said you cannot be what you do not see/envisage, so we need to see our Shepherds holding the bright lamp of Truth high above their own vulnerabilities, teachings us by example, in humility, how we are also to be made ‘Holy’ (Sanctified) as in

          “Sanctify them in the Truth; thy Word is Truth as thou didst send me into the World so I have sent them into the World and for their sake I consecrate myself that they also may be consecrated in truth”

          So in our present shameful situation, is God preparing the birth (Building up) of a Church that will be truthful with herself. A Church that proceeds and leads in humility, ‘openly’ acknowledging her failings before God and all of her children.
          As a humble heart (Church) will never cover its tracks or hide its short comings, and in doing so confers authenticity, as it walks in its own vulnerability /weakness/brokenness in trust/faith before God and mankind. It is a heart (Church) to be trusted, as it ‘dispels’ darkness within its own ego/self, in serving God (Truth) first, before any other.

          “God will not despise a broken spirit and contrite heart” and neither will the faithful. The leadership has nothing to fear, no matter how compromised, as the cleansing grace of humility (Full ‘open’ acknowledgement of past failings/sins) is the communal bond of love that holds His flock together.

          We need to see true discipleship, and working disciples, as demonstrated, in my post, via the link

          kevin your brother
          In Christ

      • Chris in VA –

        It is required of all of us to oppose error and evil.

        I am fairly certain that you oppose error and evil…and for instance…you strongly oppose and even condemn sex abuse and coverup.

        I am correct, I am sure.

        And I am guessing that even before you were an adult, you knew that sexual relations between an adult and a Minor was a crime…isn’t that the case?

        That presumably being the case, I will (overnight) post a video of a Bishop in good standing in the US, giving a deposition about his handling sex abuse of minors under his jurisdiction.

        • In our community, rural, a young priest was caught abusing altarboys.It was kept very quiet but being dealt with. As his crimes came close to being exposed he murdered the two men who came forth and then before trial? He committed suicide. I believe the men in the church who have allowed this, or been a part of this should be immediately relieved of their duties and prosecuted. Top down. I believe we could fill all those positions quite nicely with holy men. What we have lost in spirituality, money for schools and hospitals with wasted funds paid to abused. Millions not catechized properly. It is truly sickening! Stop the coverup start the healing.

      • Do You pray for justice for the victims and their families?
        Justice, which the pope and his homosexual minion bishops and cardinals delay, deny and distract?
        The McCarrick investigation? How’s that coming along?
        Answer: It’s not. And won’t.

      • Christ in VA, God has very harsh words for people like Malone, Dolan and Francis. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are the skandalon that causes the people to stumble.

      • Chris. Do you honestly think or believe that Jesus would find it fitting to stand before those three men that Chris of Maryland scorns so aptly, and address them as being: “Men in whom there is no GUILE”? Really? If not,then that would be the equivalent of our Lord regarding them as being ‘vile, would it not? Perhaps it’s not the time any longer to be too pedantic about the actual words being used, rather than to set the highest expectations for those who are deeply guilty of scandalizing every aspect of the teaching of Christ… and His Church. By nit-picking the use of words that could well be apt to use, rather than to stand firm in defense of all that is Holy, you might also be betraying the trust that was placed in you at the time of your ‘CONFIRMATION’ when you affirmed your position as being a soldier of Christ? To be truly loving does not necessitate counter challenging a brother in Christ who is on the defensive against the evil being perpetrated by liars and deceivers amongst our priests, Bishops and cardinals who rally in support of the Pope to his eternal disgrace…

      • Chris in VIrginia, may I add to others’ list of Jesus’ epithets for evil religious leaders? “Whited Sepulchres”? He was certainly a Man with a knack for “atrocious names”.

    • “If Catholics would rise up and be truly Catholic, the world would change overnight.” – Mother Angelica. If the world is not changing, is because we are not truly Catholic, we are now a hybrid of good and evil, in other words, we are being spiritually homosexual.

      It is this most evil spirit of spiritual homosexuality, following on the heels of physical homosexuality and pedophilia, the most powerful all-around sin enablers, that must be prayed and fought against at all costs, not only in the Clergy but especially in us lay people who are also failing terribly and, like the saying goes, we get the leaders we deserve. Yikes! Let that sink in! A laity comitted to sanctity will turn the barque of Peter around. Like Mother Angelica would also say, “… so, get cracking!!”

      • Yes, Real Catholic MEN, yes! From a True Catholic woman and so well said!! We must pray much to Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, who faced more evil concentrated in his one short lifetime that we’ll ever experience in two thousand lifetimes, all while protecting the Child Jesus and Mary, and modeling like no one else True Manhood and the True Image and Fatherhood of God to Jesus’ human nature.

        Adam failed at being a steward of God’s Creation but Joseph did not fail at being the holy steward of God’s Greatest Treasures, Jesus and Mary!! Saint Joseph, so silent and so truly manly, will lead us to victory!

  3. Feast of Sts Cosmas and Damian today – physicians , surgeons ..
    The focus on putting culpability on past errors , on the Father figures ( almost exclusively ) , in an effort to find remedy ..
    it is a good thing that there is also now more focus on these issues , in the broader light of generational issues and such as well..
    With the upcoming canonisation of St.John Newman, more interest , in that side of our ‘family ‘ history as well ..
    The painful history of the repeated miscarriages of his 1st wife and the speculation of a certain disease , which was prevalent in the Americas , that could have led to same ..the possibility that either of them could have had some exposure , through their care takers , even inadvertently ..could the whole native Americans be held indirectly responsible, for the effects of all that have followed ..and The Church , thus having a right to may be go after some of the lands as a form of reparation, for what they lost , including in upstate Newyork 🙂
    or is it that , The Church , again , not intentionally and this to include the laity as well, did not call forth for fasting and penance ,early on , for the tragic events in the life of the King and queen ..
    That is rather like our times too , with an indifference of vast proportions , for similar areas , in spite of repeated exhortations, including from The Angel of Peace at Fatima calling us to ‘penance , penance , penance ..’
    ‘ Forgive us our trespasses , as we forgive those who trespass against us ..’ and may these two saints and Patrons of those in the healing fields be there to invoke mercy ,esp. also on the many , who have become mercenaries for the kingdom of evil which does not spare the flock either ..
    the flock, who are asked to trust in His mercy for repeated offenses in all these realms ..
    May the Holy Spirit be the One to help guide the hands and hearts that have to make the tough decisions in all these areas , all the while helping many to come to repentance, to hear the same Holy Spirit , in the gentle whisper of The Mother –
    ‘ you are loved, blessed , forgiven and thank you for accepting the mercy of The Father ‘..a whisper echoed through the voices and blessings of countless holy angels and saints every Holy Mass and Confession ..and in turn , for the laity to echo same back , to the Father figures .. to each other thus cast the net on the right side ..
    Blessings !

    • Hope no one misread the error in the above post that did not clarify that the mention about the miscarriage and all was about the family of King Henry the V111 th 🙂
      Again , let us hope that the focus on looking for culpability would broaden enough ,
      which might be the good that the Holy Father is trying to get The Church to look into through the changes he allows in the seemingly problem appointments as well , thus to help with the deep cleansing that is needed . – this good site might even be from one who is familiar with these areas , to let the whole Church benefit more from same as well , which would be in line with what the Holy Father too desires for families world over .
      And to think that if Henry V111 th and family had such help , we may not have a
      St .John Newman either 🙂

  4. The church must not allow homosexuals into the seminaries. That is where it begins. The must do a better job at screening the candidates. Homosexuality infested the church and it must be purged.

    • But how can it not be allowed when most likely a great majority of rectors and bishops are homosexuals themselves.

      We have found that out about McCarrick and Bernardin. No doubt many others are too because it is a club.

  5. Is there a former pope that hasn’t been aware of this? I think not!
    Is there a cardinal that hasn’t been aware?
    Bishop Malone was made a Bishop by Bernard Law in 2000
    That’s tells us more than I care to know
    The placement of cardinal Law in Rome tells us even more. Sad

  6. Malone is a truly arrogant little man if he thinks that after all the harm he has done to the Church and to his flock, that he is somehow still indispensible. People like him deserve to rot in prison, and that is likely the only way for the Church to be purged of this filth, namely for the arrogant and corrupt like Malone, Cupich and Wuerl to be dragged kicking and creaming out of their positions of power and privilege and tossed locked up.

  7. “The longer Church authorities delay acting, the more likely it becomes that Caesar will be the one to clean the Church’s Augean stables…”

    It probably will take “Caesar” to clean the filth in the Church today through the form of lawsuits and prosecution. There appears not to be enough collective wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord among the Church leadership to realize what they must do to clean house. In fact, some of them are so corrupt that they not only don’t want to clean up the filth, they want to keep contributing to it! (They are also the same ones who play fast and loose with the doctrines that the Church has taught for 2,000 years.)

    They are like the doleful Israelites in this week’s (Sept 23-27) first readings who won’t fulfill their duty to get the Temple rebuilt. It takes the outsider pagan kings of Persia (“Caesar) to force them to do their duty. It may take “Caesar” again today in the form of lawsuits and prosecution to clean up the filth that the Church leadership should be doing instead of blathering and obstructing.

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