The Dispatch

The Rosary and Christmas

December 19, 2019 Russell Shaw 6

In one of his Christmas sermons, St. John Henry Newman speaks of Christmas as “a time for innocence and purity and gentleness and mildness and contentment and peace.” In this season, he says, we are […]

The Dispatch

Verdict first, sentence afterwards

November 21, 2019 Russell Shaw 3

During a mad, memorable trial scene near the end of Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts decrees “Sentence first–verdict afterwards.” When Alice corrects her, the Queen, face purple with rage, […]

The Dispatch

Newman, Defender of the Faith

September 25, 2019 Russell Shaw 5

“In your opinion, what is the best book of Catholic apologetics?” Although that question, put to me unexpectedly several years ago by someone I was chatting with, took me by surprise, I didn’t have to […]

The Dispatch

The big shift in Church-State conflicts

August 29, 2019 Russell Shaw 5

In years gone by church-state conflicts in America commonly focused on the first of the First Amendment’s two religion clauses: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Tussles over public funds for […]