The Dispatch

St. Joseph and the fatherhood crisis

January 28, 2021 Russell Shaw 7

Launched in December with modest fanfare, the Church’s observance of 2021 as a year to honor the fatherhood of St. Joseph seems to have dropped largely out of sight. True, a plenary indulgence (under the […]

The Dispatch

Pro-life letters to a great-grandchild

December 30, 2020 Russell Shaw 4

The prolife movement has lots of heroes and heroines, sung and unsung alike, but there’s always room for one more. As an addition to the roster of unsung heroes I therefore nominate Dick Delaney. Never […]

The Dispatch

The culture wars continue apace

December 18, 2020 Russell Shaw 14

Just because it’s the Christmas season is no reason to pause the culture war. And here to celebrate peace and good will in its own peculiar fashion is the Secular Democrats of America PAC, with […]