The Dispatch

Doctrine, civil unions, and moral legalism

November 5, 2020 Russell Shaw 10

If you were wondering what became of moral legalism, wonder no more—legalistic thinking has found its home in the media. Coverage and commentary regarding Pope Francis’s recent remarks about civil unions for homosexuals abounded in […]

The Dispatch

Of miracles, fast and slow

September 25, 2020 Russell Shaw 1

A friend asks me to write about miracles, taking as an example the events that brought him and his wife together in a happy marriage now in its 58th year. To his credit, he doesn’t […]

The Dispatch

As marriage rates plummet, polyamory rises

August 27, 2020 Russell Shaw 17

Under the heading “A fair chance for children” the New York Times editorial board recommends four measures to help low-income kids: create government-funded savings accounts for newborns, provide universal pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds, “spend more” on […]

The Dispatch

Revisiting Brideshead Revisited

August 13, 2020 Russell Shaw 7

In the late spring of 1945, as World War II was drawing toward a close, a novel called Brideshead Revisited made its appearance in Britain; its first U.S. edition came out the following January. Whatever […]

The Dispatch

Will Catholic foster care be next?

July 30, 2020 Russell Shaw 7

Does the Catholic Church have a right to follow its convictions about sexual morality in its own institutions without being penalized by government? In its June decision declaring “gay” and “transgender” to be protected categories […]