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Special Report

The Ark of the West

April 29, 2011 Annemarie S. Muth 0

In 1998, Pope John Paul II designated the Abbey of Sao Sebastiao (St. Sebastian) in Salvador, Brazil an “archabbey” in recognition of its more than 400 years of service to the Church. St. Sebastian is […]

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Special Report

Three Years After Summorum Pontificum

April 29, 2011 Michael J. Miller 0

In his letter accompanying the 2007 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI invited the bishops of the world to report in three years on their experiences in implementing the new liturgical legislation, which is […]

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Special Report

Who Runs Catholic Healthcare West?

April 29, 2011 Anne Hendershott 0

From the earliest days of his presidency, Barack Obama has never missed an opportunity to decry the high salaries and bonuses awarded to those he often calls “the fat cats” on Wall Street. Never once […]

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The Fundamental Path to Peace

April 29, 2011 George Neumayr 0

The pagans of Rome cast the early Christians as bad citizens, a charge which reappears today in both the West and East: secularists in the Americas and Europe gradually move to marginalize a Christian presence […]

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Film & Music

Family Films Move Forward

April 29, 2011 Steven D. Greydanus 0

  Newly released on DVD in late November, Pixar’s latest computeranimated masterpiece Wall-E is a groundbreaking achievement that could make history next year if it gets the Academy attention it deserves. In January, it could […]


End of an Era?

April 29, 2011 Michael J. Miller 0

The September 28 national elections in Austria shattered the weakened, feuding Grand Coalition that had governed for decades. One out of every seven Austrians who voted in 2006 for the two major parties—the center-left Social […]

Special Report

“The End of the Bernardin Era”

April 29, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

That compact phrase, uttered across a spectrum of opinion from the National Catholic Reporter to George Weigel, sums up the consensus view of informed bishop-watchers regarding the American bishops’ choice of Archbishop Timothy Dolan as […]


Look Forward and Upward

April 29, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Bishop Robert Vasa has served as bishop of Baker, Oregon since 2000. On January 24, the Vatican announced that he will serve as coadjutor bishop for the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California. Bishop Vasa will […]

Special Report

Thinking with the Church

April 29, 2011 J. J. Ziegler 0

The Archdiocese of Detroit suffered steep losses between 1966 and 1976: in just a decade, the archdiocese lost 179 diocesan priests, 160 religious-order priests, and 1,439 women religious, according to statistics published in the Annuario […]