The Dispatch

Sex in the Garden

August 26, 2020 Dr. Jared Ortiz 17

Augustine’s views on sex have generally fallen on hard times. They are (supposedly) too rigid, too full of guilt, too pro-natal, too dismissive of pleasure, and generally understood to be the source of most of […]


Saint Augustine Contra Suicide

September 29, 2019 Dr. Jared Ortiz 12

When it comes to attitudes about suicide, we Americans are Janus-faced. We are shocked and grieved when loved ones or famous people take their lives, and yet we show high approval ratings for euthanasia (72% […]

The Dispatch

Spectacles for the People

August 25, 2019 Dr. Jared Ortiz 4

In the ancient Lavinium, a port city thirty miles south of Rome, the people celebrated the festival of the god Liber for a whole month. The main festivity was a parade which included a large […]


“Silence” and Apostasy

January 4, 2017 Dr. Jared Ortiz 0

I finally read Shusaku Endo’s Silence. It’s been on my list for more than a decade, but always put off for one reason or another. With the advent of the film, it got bumped to […]


Fox’s Book of Augustine

June 10, 2016 Dr. Jared Ortiz 0

Garry Wills, author of such book-length screeds as Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit and Why Priests? A Failed Tradition, begins his deliciously wicked, and almost completely unfair, review of Robin Lane Fox’s Augustine: Conversions to […]