The Faith of Charles de Gaulle

November 8, 2020 Dr. Samuel Gregg 10

2020 is a year of anniversaries for one of the most well-known statesmen in French history. Not only does it mark the eightieth anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s Appeal of June 18 which called on […]


Looking into the Mirror of Islam

January 13, 2020 Dr. Samuel Gregg 15

As anyone who’s visited Europe in the past 30 years knows, Islam is becoming more visible throughout the Old Continent. That presence isn’t as large as some believe. In 2016, the estimated Muslim population of […]


From Marx to Gaia

October 23, 2019 Dr. Samuel Gregg 13

Thirty years ago, the world rejoiced as the crack-up of Communism’s grip on Eastern Europe, forever symbolized by the Berlin Wall, began. This, however, created enormous dilemmas for prominent representatives of a theology which had […]


A Jesuit Empire

October 16, 2019 Dr. Samuel Gregg 12

Few things are more central to Christianity than missionary activity. Yet missionary work is never just about spreading the Christian faith. It inevitably has political, cultural, and economic dimensions. Some of Counter-Reformation Catholicism’s greatest missionary […]