What Common Core can’t fix

August 7, 2014 Russell Shaw 0

Longer ago than I care to remember, I spent three years working for a Washington-based national education organization. I liked the people, enjoyed my job, and had the pleasant feeling that I was contributing to […]


The Pope and Proselytism

August 5, 2014 Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille 0

As soon as I read Pope Francis’ recently released “Top 10 Secrets to Happiness” I could already imagine the push back from some Catholics when they read his ninth suggestion: We can inspire others through […]


A Good Priest Is Hard to Film

August 4, 2014 Michael Jameson 0

The poster for Calvary is arresting and evocative: a cross of bullet holes marks the lead character, Fr. James–seemingly shot through the paper. John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary attempts to tell the story of a “good […]