The Drama of Faith: Grow into the Part

August 2, 2014 Mark P. Shea 0

One vital likeness between drama and faith is—faith. The theatre asks us for a willing suspension of disbelief—in other words, an act of faith. That’s not exceptional. That’s normal: all human relationships do that. Every […]


Living Lent in the Fast Lane

March 5, 2014 Mark P. Shea 0

I’m pretty lousy at doing Lent. So I’m a natural for yakking about it since (just between you and me) you’re pretty lousy at it too, no? Seriously, who says, “I am the most awesome […]


Sola Shea

February 6, 2014 Mark P. Shea 0

Editor’s note: I’ve known Mark Shea for many years, having first met him in person about ten years ago in Seattle, just four hours up the road from where I live. A few years ago, […]