Mission Enjoyable

August 26, 2015 Michael Jameson 0

The overload of publicity emanating from Hollywood’s promotional machine can leave you fatigued from constantly being told that this weekend’s opening film is “a must-see thriller”, “an epic adventure”, “a gripping suspense”. Every weekend seems […]


Surprised by “Cinderella”

March 24, 2015 Michael Jameson 0

Disney’s new Cinderella, a live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1950 classic animated film—itself an adaptation of the perennial European folk tale—will pleasantly surprise moviegoers who might be wary of Disney remakes after the “reimagined” train wreck […]


Yes, God Does Help the Girl

October 14, 2014 Michael Jameson 0

God Help the Girl 111 minutes; no MPAA rating Written and Directed by Stuart Murdoch Starring Emily Browning, Olly Alexander, and Hannah Murray There is an anti-Hipster sentiment sweeping through the land—or at least through […]


A Good Priest Is Hard to Film

August 4, 2014 Michael Jameson 0

The poster for Calvary is arresting and evocative: a cross of bullet holes marks the lead character, Fr. James–seemingly shot through the paper. John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary attempts to tell the story of a “good […]


A Tale of Jumbled Cosmologies

March 18, 2014 Michael Jameson 0

Akiva Goldsman’s Winter’s Tale attempts to take moviegoers on a romantic and heartwarming magical journey across time, employing a deep bench of acting talent, impeccable production design, lush cinematography, and quite a few special effects. […]