The Dispatch

Wars and choices 

August 24, 2022 George Weigel 16

One of the more irritating tropes of this age in which sloganeering has replaced argumentation is the alleged distinction between “wars of choice” and “wars of necessity.” That distorted and distorting antinomy was first deployed […]

The Dispatch

The lessons of Russian warmaking

July 6, 2022 George Weigel 46

CRACOW. Four and a half months after Russia invaded Ukraine on the Orwellian pretext of displacing a “Nazi” regime — a regime that enjoys a democratic legitimacy absent from Russia for two decades — what […]

The Dispatch

The Russian Path Not Taken

May 4, 2022 George Weigel 19

I’ve been thinking recently about Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” and its relationship to a deceased Russian Orthodox priest. As the Soviet Union was crumbling in 1990, two roads metaphorically diverged in a […]