The Dispatch

Suffering Advent

December 2, 2022 Dale Ahlquist 21

The secular world calls it the Holiday Season. The Catholic Church calls it Advent. The two are starkly different, but the one thing they have […]

The Dispatch

The Incarnation and the Resurrection

April 16, 2022 Dale Ahlquist 2

In his incomparable book on St. Thomas Aquinas, G.K. Chesterton shows that the Angelic Doctor not only argued for the reality of the Incarnation, but also wanted to show the implications of the Incarnation. The […]


On The Winter Feast

December 19, 2021 Dale Ahlquist 21

Have you ever heard the smug criticism that Christmas is really a Pagan festival? While it is usually uttered with the air of being a devastating dismissal of Christianity, I’m not sure what actual point […]

The Dispatch

Globalism and Catholic Education

May 26, 2021 Dale Ahlquist 2

There are 62 million students in Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the world today. That might be an impressive number, but it means that at least 225 million Catholic students are not attending Catholic […]

The Dispatch

The Materialist in the Mask

February 9, 2021 Dale Ahlquist 33

In 1908, two of G.K. Chesterton’s most famous books were published, almost back-to-back. The first was the novel The Man Who Was Thursday, about a group of anarchists who are actively trying to undermine everything […]