The Dispatch

Globalism and Catholic Education

May 26, 2021 Dale Ahlquist 2

There are 62 million students in Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the world today. That might be an impressive number, but it means that at least 225 million Catholic students are not attending Catholic […]

The Dispatch

The Materialist in the Mask

February 9, 2021 Dale Ahlquist 33

In 1908, two of G.K. Chesterton’s most famous books were published, almost back-to-back. The first was the novel The Man Who Was Thursday, about a group of anarchists who are actively trying to undermine everything […]

The Dispatch

In the Place of the Tiger

October 17, 2020 Dale Ahlquist 7

I knew Thomas Howard a lot longer than he knew me. As an Evangelical Protestant, I had been reading his articles for many years in Christianity Today, a magazine that was standard reading fare in […]

The Dispatch

The Solution

June 3, 2020 Dale Ahlquist 14

Right now we need some good news. Fortunately we have it. But right now it seems that no one even wants to hear good news. It is a difficult time to think clearly. Passions are […]


The Plague

April 27, 2020 Dale Ahlquist 16

“A furious plague . . . burst like a blast on the land, thinning the population and throwing the work of the world into ruin. There was a shortage of labour; a difficulty of getting […]

The Dispatch

Apocalypse Then

March 2, 2020 Dale Ahlquist 6

On the morning of Ash Wednesday, I walked out of the hotel where I was staying and strolled across a sprawling green playing field (Obviously I wasn’t in Minnesota) to a lovely little Franciscan church […]

The Dispatch

The Unbegun Life

January 17, 2020 Dale Ahlquist 8

A long time ago, even before the Dark Ages – we’re talking about the 1970’s, the Stoned Age – when I was in Junior High, I stood up in an English class and gave a […]

The Dispatch

Christmas and Resurrection

December 26, 2019 Dale Ahlquist 26

We don’t often associate Christmas with resurrection. But we should. So let’s start by talking about Santa Claus. Christmas is openly under attack in contemporary society where the word has essentially been banned in favor […]