Is America good or evil?

October 1, 2020 James Kalb 31

Something about the country makes people ask the question. People who love our country say it is exceptional. Those who don’t might prefer other words. For better or worse, it does seem different in some […]


A secular society?

August 2, 2020 James Kalb 9

Modern Western governments claim they leave questions of ultimate meaning to the individual. That is the point of the Supreme Court’s claim that our public order is based on “the right to define one’s own […]


Social justice as a religion

June 1, 2020 James Kalb 25

Last month I noted that modern people are impressed by the power of technology, industrial organization, and the managerial state. The resulting emphasis on man’s power over things has led people to view the social […]


Truth, justice, and the mystery of evil

May 5, 2020 James Kalb 15

God’s unity and simplicity mean that for Him truth, justice, and power are all the same. He isn’t conflicted, doesn’t do half-measures, and never loses. The evident reality of falsehood and injustice makes that hard […]