The Dispatch

Beauty, reality, and craft

October 6, 2023 Anna Farrow 3

With a poetry collection conceived in the mud and water of Ontario’s Credit River, Catholic artist Maya Clubine is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Vallum Chapbook Award for her work Life Cycle of a […]

The Dispatch

I saw a mob; it wasn’t truckers

February 3, 2022 Anna Farrow 69

A true mob is terrible to witness, much less get stuck in. Something happens when humans are pressed together in fear and anger: a feral scent is emitted, an emboldening and anxious spirit. Once unleashed, […]


COVID and the Fearful State

July 29, 2021 Anna Farrow 26

Long before David Attenborough brought his soothing voice to the explication of animal behaviour for the BBC Life series, the North American television public had been introduced to the majesty and oddities of the natural world through […]