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Extra, extra! News and tidings, February 8, 2022

Some recent articles, essays, and assorted pieces that caught the attention of the editors of Catholic World Report.

Detail from "Newspaper" (1934) by Cassandre. (

• The 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki: The air was electric with a holy silence, all Nagasaki dumb with grief, as the parade of martyrs marched past toward the hilltop where their crosses waited. The Galleon, the Tyrant and the 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki 

• Bishop of Jackson explains how Catholic education influenced Mississippi: “I believe the Catholic school tradition has served a lot of students and families through the generations, going back to the 19th century.” Bishop: Omicron won’t force Jackson Diocese to go back to pandemic precautions.

Churchgoers in southwestern Australia stunned after a police officer stopped Mass to check if parishioners were wearing masks. “Five people were found to not be wearing masks, one of which had an exemption while the four others were made to put them on.” Community furore after police stop St Bernadette’s Glendalough church service to check masks.

Many grandees of the Catholic Church in Europe are falling in with the Rainbow Reich.First Things founder Fr. Richard John Neuhaus often observed that where orthodoxy becomes optional, orthodoxy will soon be prohibited.” Catholic Chaplaincy for the Rainbow Reich. 

• Neil Young doesn’t seem like much of a freedom fighter anymore: “Why would Neil Young, who shouted down the establishment way back when, take the establishment’s side now and try to use his leverage to silence Joe Rogan?” Neil Young and the 60s Cancel Culture That Continues to Haunt Us 

• Churches can help the foster care system, if the government would let them: “Perhaps the one bright spot in the world of child welfare has been the innovative programs offered by churches and other faith-based organizations.” Is the Foster Care System Racist? 

• The truck convoy is spreading:  “Following the lead of Canadian truckers in Ottawa, a growing number of trucker-inspired protests appear to be gaining momentum worldwide—with groups forming in the Netherlands, Austria, the United States, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.” Freedom convoy protests are spreading throughout the world as truckers fight against mandates 

• Why isn’t the Department of Justice doing anything about all the recent church vandalism? There have been at least 120 instances of church vandalism since May 2020, an alarming increase from prior years.  Catholic group condemns DOJ priorities amid uptick in vandalism against churches 

• The Black Catholics who have a place in American History: The history of the black Catholic com­munity is just as important for the history of the Catholic Church in the United States.” History of Black Catholics 

• A silly (perhaps foolish) lesson about ethnicities gets a Catholic teacher fired:A Chicago Catholic school has fired a history teacher after she repeatedly used a racial slur for Black people during a class discussion on sports team names and in a meeting with administrators.” Catholic high school teacher fired after using racial slur 

• Virtue proves stronger than tyranny in this story of a life saved: “All three narrowly escaped the grim reaper. Dedication to truth, courage, and loyalty proved essential.” Escaping the grim reaper – A tale of three courageous Catholics 

• We can revive sacred music. It’s been done before: Pius XI’s pontificate was fruitful for sacred music, especially Italian. He wanted to perfect the work of his predecessors. The pope of Christ the King and the sacred music revival 

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  1. All this will be sorted out. We’re assured, His Holiness said so, that the Spirit will reveal the answers that challenge us all. Laity, presbyter, deacon, bishop [exercising their new charism as facilitators, fetching coffee and donuts for participants] atheist, agnostic, imams and so forth.
    The greatest group talk on earth. It’s not that the Vatican sponsors really believe Christ is a demiurge. That what’s revealed ages past doesn’t matter. Rather, it’s the conviction that the Father is the one who has all the answers.

    • In the event a reader might have misunderstood the intent of my comment, it was not a defense of the idea of anticipated new revelations of the Holy Spirit during the Synod on synodality. It was satire. Unless, such revelation references means of better transmitting what is already revealed in the Deposit of Faith, explicated in Apostolic Tradition, the perennial Magisterium.
      On the other hand, if we believe appeal to the Holy Spirit sent by God the Father will knowledge that which is not entirely consistent with the above {Deposit etc] then we relegate Christ to a demiurge inferior to God the Father, which of course is heresy. This heresy, or heresies is what I’m afraid will be a great danger to the Church if they’re not clearly and definitively repudiated by the pope.

      • Roger that:

        “The Christian dispensation, therefore, as the new and definitive covenant, will never pass away, and we now await no further new public revelation [!] before the glorious manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ (cf 1 Tim 6:14, Tit. 2:13)….

        “…Jesus perfected revelation by fulfilling it through His whole work of making Himself present and manifesting Himself: through His words and deeds…death and glorious resurrection….”

        “… manifesting himself: through his words and deeds, His signs and wonders, but especially through his death and glorious resurrection from the dead and final sending of the Spirit of truth” (Dei Verbum, n. 4).

        Maybe not everyone got this memo.

    • The Father has answers but we must rely on the Spirit to reveal them? Who will interpret the Spirit’s speech? Heaven forbid some will look to a mere man! Whom will the Spirit gift to interpret his movements?

      Awaiting the Word, fully confident that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. But until then….I navigate between images of consolatory confidence mixed with extreme sorrow. So much evil and the deep dark pit in which so many move, possessed by principalities and powers with nary an aware notice, is grim beyond abysmal.

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