The Political Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien

October 30, 2014 CWR Staff 0

Dr. Jay W. Richards is co-author, with Dr. Jonathan Witt, of the new book, The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom That Tolkien Got, and the West Forgot, published recently by Ignatius Press. Richards is […]

Ecclesia et Civitas

What is Culture War?

October 29, 2014 James Kalb 0

A culture is a way of living, a system of habit and attitude, an orientation toward life and the world, that is shared and basically taken for granted within a community. It arises naturally when […]


The True Meaning of All Hallow’s Eve

October 29, 2014 Nick Olszyk 0

MPAA Rating: PG USCCB Rating: A-II Reel Rating: (4 reels out of 5) At the beginning of Extraordinary Synod three weeks ago, 20th Century Fox released Gone Girl (see my CWR review, “Fincher’s Nightmare”), a […]