Catholicism and Citizenship

June 1, 2016 Christopher White 0

Perhaps no election is recent memory has left faithful Catholics so perplexed as to how exercise faithful citizenship. Stephen White (no relation to this article’s author), a Fellow in the Catholic Studies Program at the […]


Delving into the Protestant’s Dilemma

April 2, 2014 Christopher White 0

During the Lenten season Catholics devote special time for prayer, penance, and acts of charity in preparation for Easter. However, a sometimes overlooked—yet integral—part of this liturgical season is that it’s also a special and […]


The Romance of Religion

February 20, 2014 Christopher White 0

In his new book, The Romance of Religion: Fighting for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty (Thomas Nelson, 2014), Father Dwight Longenecker brings together the likes of Don Quixote, Yoda, Dante, and Frodo to introduce readers to […]