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America’s First Mass

May 13, 2014 John B. Buescher 1

Editor’s note: View a map of all the locations mentioned in this article. When and where was the first Mass offered in America? No one living today knows the answer to this intriguing question. But we can […]

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The Hunter’s Point Bible War

November 13, 2013 John B. Buescher 0

On Friday morning, November 24, 1871, nine-year-old Catherine Ann Dennen entered her public school building and sat down in the school’s main room with her fellow students. The school’s principal entered the room and began […]


When the Revolution Comes

November 4, 2013 John B. Buescher 0

Did you know that G. K. Chesterton was not only an essayist, novelist, raconteur, and possibly a saint, but also a cartoonist as well? In 1911, as he was publishing his Father Brown stories and […]

Ars Memoriae

July 28, 2013 John B. Buescher 0

In the 1960s, contrary to the inherited wisdom of mankind, educators in general and Catholic educators, too, decided that having students memorize things was a terrible notion. If I recall, the thinking was that memorizing […]