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By Carl E. Olson
“Where secularism takes God out of the public forum,” says Peter D. Beaulieu, author of Beyond Secularism and Jihad, “Islam takes the public fo...
By Catholic News Agency
Even though he’s Catholic, Matt Fradd’s new anti-porn book, “The Porn Myth,” won’t quote the saints or the Bible or recommend a regimen of rosaries. H...
By David Paul Deavel
Can a Catholic literary revival take place and again take part in challenging and perhaps transforming our culture?
By Dr. Samuel Gregg
Far from being rigid, moralistic or legalistic, insisting on the reality of moral absolutes promotes human flourishing and true human freedom.
By William Kilpatrick
The battle against cultural jihad will be fought—is now being fought—in workplaces, in school boards, in town councils, and, most of all, in courts. ...
By Steven D. Greydanus
How to avoid poisoning your soul on social media
By Robert R. Reilly
In the end, reality always wins. An old saying has it that: God always forgives; man sometimes; Nature never.
By Catholic News Agency
Some secular universities and institutions are recognizing the “culture of victimhood” as a threat to the First Amendment right to the freedom of spee...
By Dr. Randall B. Smith
Making Catholic hospitals and schools widely available again in a society in desperate need of both is how Catholics can once again become a cultural ...
By Robert Royal
Most people – even most Catholics – don’t realize it, but the twentieth century, or at least the first two-thirds of it, were a kind of golden age for...
By Dr. Randall B. Smith
The great Southern writer had the wisdom and courage to admit that the cultural Stoicism of men like his beloved Uncle Will suffered from a tragic fla...
By Bradley J. Birzer
How an intellectual journal from the late 1920s set off a chain of events that can rightly be described as the beginning of the “Catholic Literary Rev...
By Thomas S. Hibbs
In certain respects, the Thomas Cromwell of “Wolf Hall” is akin to the sort of conflicted characters so popular in contemporary cable drama, from “The...
By George Weigel
The PBS series, based on Hillary Mantel’s novel, is brilliant television—and a serious distortion of history, rooted in the last acceptable bigotry
By Michael J. Lichens
Although often overlooked today, G. K. Chesterton's wide-ranging poetry has been praised by atheist Christopher Hitchens, novelist Graham Greene, and ...
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