The Pachamama Rohrs

November 17, 2019 Dr. Douglas Farrow 29

“How far back and forward in time does the Christ figure extend, and who exactly is Christ?” These questions were posed by Richard Rohr in an interview with Rich Heffern of the National Catholic Reporter […]


A Certain Disease of the Law

August 23, 2019 Dr. Douglas Farrow 50

Witness of truth In the matter of George Pell v. The Queen, “Justice Maxwell and I accepted the prosecution’s submission that the complainant was a compelling witness, was clearly not a liar, was not a […]

The Dispatch

Church of St. Peter the Denier?

August 9, 2019 Dr. Douglas Farrow 13

Saint-Pierre-Apôtre, which was established by the OMI in the 1850s, has for decades now served the Gay Village near Montreal’s historic Old Port in a very pro-LGBTQ fashion. It claims to be a Catholic assembly […]