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Beyond Their Expertise

December 1, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

The Catholic Church does not claim teaching authority on matters of economics and finance. When the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace issues a statement on the world’s financial markets, faithful Catholics are not bound […]

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A Smooth Operator

November 1, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

What’s the best way for an influential liturgist to help with the implementation of the new translation of the Roman Missal? Why, by criticizing it, of course! Do you follow that logic? Neither do I. […]

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Mock Journalism

August 8, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

This is getting to be a very old story: When the secular media cover events in which women claim ordination as Catholic priests, reporters abandon all ordinary journalistic standards. A National Public Radio (NPR) story […]

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The Terms of the Agreement

May 18, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

The first decade of the 21st century was not kind to Caritas Christi, the health care system administered by the Boston archdiocese. Red ink began appearing in profusion in the group’s budget statements. An underfunded […]

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Healing Rifts, Old and New

May 16, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

Pope Benedict XVI caught most observers by surprise in January when he lifted the excommunications of the bishops who lead the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). Unfortunately, Vatican officials were also caught by […]

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Rome’s Bold Answer

May 10, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

Pope Benedict XVI caught the world by surprise with the announcement that he is creating a new structure within the Catholic hierarchy to accommodate Anglicans who wish to enter the Catholic Church. At an October […]

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Special Report

Under Fire

May 7, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

The month of March 2010 saw an unprecedented worldwide media attack on the Holy See and on Pope Benedict XVI, reaching a crescendo during Holy Week as journalists strove to find a direct link between […]