The Dispatch

The White-Martyr Cardinals’ Dinner

January 25, 2023 George Weigel 6

On the night of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s funeral, Cardinal George Pell hosted a dinner in his apartment for a group of like-minded mourners, and all present were delighted that the heroic Cardinal Joseph Zen […]


Remembering Cardinal Pell

January 16, 2023 Tracey Rowland 32

In one of my last conversations with Cardinal Pell we talked about Margit Balogh’s biography of Cardinal Mindszenty, titled Victim of History. Balogh chose as the opening epigraph Mindszenty’s statement: “I shall keep on fighting…until […]

The Dispatch

The Relics of Christ: The Nails

April 14, 2022 Thomas L. McDonald 6

Spread throughout the world, in cathedrals and chapels, are perhaps three dozen rough iron nails claiming to be the nails that pierced the flesh of Christ. With so many claimants, there’s a temptation to dismiss […]