Deus ex Machina, Part 2

December 6, 2023 Ian Huyett 20

Editor’s note:Part 1 of this essay was published on November 29, 2023. V. The Omega point has given rise to two other cosmic theogonies that are worth reviewing here: first, a loose family of ideas […]


Surprised by Scotus

April 22, 2023 Casey Chalk 11

Have you ever had an opinion of someone or something, perhaps informed by little, if any real substantive evidence, only, upon actually learning about that person or thing, that you were terribly, and perhaps even […]


Why St. Thomas?

January 28, 2023 Joseph G. Trabbic 41

The Church has given the title “doctor” to some of her saints. In Latin doctor means “teacher” and the doctors of the Church are teachers of a very special sort. Pius X calls them “our […]