An alien census in a lonely cosmos

June 25, 2020 Russell E. Saltzman 39

Two British astrophysicists at the University of Nottingham, England, Tom Westby and Christopher J. Conselice, recently sifted their way through the Milky Way and discovered, they estimate, no more than thirty-six alien civilizations are presently […]

The Dispatch

From Küng to Catholicism

November 25, 2019 Russell E. Saltzman 15

Hans Küng’s massive 720-page On Being A Christian, published in English by Doubleday in 1976, had enormous impact on my theological life as a first-year Lutheran seminarian. Küng, now 91 and in poor health, was […]

The Dispatch

Confirmation and Questions

August 26, 2019 Russell E. Saltzman 9

A year ago one October Saturday, my wife and I were at Good Shepherd Catholic Church, in Alexandria, Virginia, which is a hop, skip and a couple turns from George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate. It […]

The Dispatch

Pipe bombs and Republicans

October 30, 2018 Russell E. Saltzman 12

Off on a 25th wedding anniversary weekend trip, my wife and I were blissfully free of inordinate distractions. So we learned only upon return that the pipe bomber targeting Democrats had been arrested. Conservative Facebook […]