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The Cross and the Stars

May 15, 2011 Sandra Miesel 0

What do Worlds of If have to do with Jerusalem? Do Catholic writers have a place among the wizards of fantasy and the starships of science fiction? The very pervasiveness of fantasy and science fiction […]

Special Report

The Apostle to the Lepers

May 12, 2011 Sandra Miesel 0

Leprosy is an ancient horror. For millennia, people feared and shunned the ravaged bodies of lepers as “unclean.” A few dared to show compassion: St. Francis of Assisi famously kissed a leper for the sake […]


A Love Letter to Freemasonry

May 11, 2011 Sandra Miesel 0

After defaming the Catholic Church in Angels and Demons, then denying the divinity of Christ in The Da Vinci Code, what could Dan Brown possibly do for an encore? His latest bestseller, The Lost Symbol, […]

Special Report

The Wise Man from the West

May 9, 2011 Sandra Miesel 0

In 1610, the Emperor of China overruled custom by granting a burial plot outside Peking to a foreigner called Li Madou. An inscription on the tomb praises the deceased as “one who had attained renown […]

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The Significance of Lost

May 4, 2011 Sandra Miesel 0

Imagine a television drama series that charts the human journey from sin to redemption, climaxing in radiant joy. That vision became a reality in a show called Lost. Although Lost ended its six-year run in […]


Portugal’s fighting saint

May 6, 2009 Sandra Miesel 1

Nuno Alvares Pereira is not a household name in America. His canonization on April 26 is unlikely to change that. But in Portugal, Nuno is a beloved national hero whose feats of valor in the […]