Moderate Muslim Myopia

October 17, 2013 William Kilpatrick 0

Here’s a question to test your knowledge of Islam. The Muslim calendar is dated from: a) the birth of Muhammad b) the first revelation to Muhammad c) the immigration of Muslims to Medina from Mecca […]


Lessons of the Past

June 18, 2013 William Kilpatrick 0

Lions of the Faith chronicles the lives of saints, martyrs, and heroes who were caught up in the struggle between Islam and Christianity that commenced in the seventh century and continues to this day. The 800 […]


Of Bishops and Bombers

April 29, 2013 William Kilpatrick 0

In his Sunday homily the week after the Boston Marathon bombing, Cardinal Sean O’Malley said that the action of the bombers was a “perversion of their religion.” We have grown accustomed to hearing such statements […]

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Legitimizing False Religion

May 12, 2011 William Kilpatrick 0

What are Christians supposed to believe about Islam? And why does it matter? Judging from President Barack Obama’s Cairo speech last June the proper attitude toward Islam should be one of great respect. Obama paid […]

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Is Islam Too Big To Fail?

May 10, 2011 William Kilpatrick 0

In many occasions over the last two years we have heard that various giant companies had to be bailed out by the federal government because they were “too big to fail.” AIG, Fannie Mae, Merrill […]

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The Purpose-Driven Strife

May 9, 2011 William Kilpatrick 0

Except for the short-circuit in his shorts, Umar Abdulmutallab would have killed nearly 300 passengers on Northwest Flight 253. There are many more like him in numerous countries waiting for their chance at martyrdom. How […]

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Just Tell the Truth

May 6, 2011 William Kilpatrick 0

The last thing the Catholic Church needs is another blow to its credibility. But a new crisis of credibility may emerge unless the Church takes steps to forestall it. It doesn’t have anything to do […]

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Atheism and Islam

May 3, 2011 William Kilpatrick 0

The opposition to Islamization in Europe is often characterized by its critics as racist and xenophobic— composed of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and football hooligans. For a non-European it’s difficult to know how much truth there […]