Islam and Jesus, Son of Mary

May 1, 2014 William Kilpatrick 1

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Syracuse, New York, was sold in December to a Muslim group and will be turned into a mosque. The Muslim organization requested that six stone crosses be removed from the […]


Moderate Muslim Myopia

October 17, 2013 William Kilpatrick 0

Here’s a question to test your knowledge of Islam. The Muslim calendar is dated from: a) the birth of Muhammad b) the first revelation to Muhammad c) the immigration of Muslims to Medina from Mecca […]


Lessons of the Past

June 18, 2013 William Kilpatrick 0

Lions of the Faith chronicles the lives of saints, martyrs, and heroes who were caught up in the struggle between Islam and Christianity that commenced in the seventh century and continues to this day. The 800 […]


Of Bishops and Bombers

April 29, 2013 William Kilpatrick 0

In his Sunday homily the week after the Boston Marathon bombing, Cardinal Sean O’Malley said that the action of the bombers was a “perversion of their religion.” We have grown accustomed to hearing such statements […]