The Darkness of Transgenderism

July 10, 2023 William Kilpatrick 44

Catholics are divided about what to think of the transgender movement. On the one hand, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops warns Catholics against attempts to redesign God’s creation through medical interventions such as […]


The Lie of the Wokeing Dead

June 9, 2021 William Kilpatrick 20

“The Wokeing Dead.” It’s not simply a play on words. The term actually captures the essence of the woke movement. Although the woke people consider themselves to be in tune with the latest ideas, the […]

The Dispatch

NBC, the SPLC, and Me

May 18, 2021 William Kilpatrick 12

An NBC news station recently did a report on Cultures in Context. When the reporter first contacted me, he indicated that the segment would discuss the Southern Poverty Law Center’s claim that my nonprofit organization […]