The Lie of the Wokeing Dead

June 9, 2021 William Kilpatrick 20

“The Wokeing Dead.” It’s not simply a play on words. The term actually captures the essence of the woke movement. Although the woke people consider themselves to be in tune with the latest ideas, the […]

The Dispatch

NBC, the SPLC, and Me

May 18, 2021 William Kilpatrick 12

An NBC news station recently did a report on Cultures in Context. When the reporter first contacted me, he indicated that the segment would discuss the Southern Poverty Law Center’s claim that my nonprofit organization […]


A double standard for Islam?

May 16, 2020 William Kilpatrick 23

Consider the following headline: “Mississippi: Atheist faces execution for insulting Jesus on Facebook”. The alert reader will immediately recognize this as a piece of fake news. Which it is. I made it up myself. But […]