How To Appease Islam

December 23, 2016 William Kilpatrick 0

In Cremona, Italy, Fr. Sante Braggiè has announced that there will be no nativity scene at the local cemetery. “A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves,” said Fr. Braggiè; “A crib […]


The Two-Front Culture War

October 7, 2016 William Kilpatrick 0

Islamization. Can it happen here?  Will sharia someday be the law of the land in America?  To most Americans that seems highly unlikely—about as improbable as a takeover by shape-shifting aliens. But the “that’ll-never-happen” of […]

Warning Signs in Orlando

June 20, 2016 William Kilpatrick 0

After a two-year-old boy was attacked and killed by an alligator, Disney World in Orlando finally put up alligator warning signs on its resort properties. When, one wonders, will our society put aside political correctness […]


Breaking the Code

March 24, 2016 William Kilpatrick 0

Two years after the Islamic jihadist attack on the World Trade Center, a book appeared which purported to reveal a conspiracy to cover up the truth about a major world religion. According to the book, […]


The Left’s War on Free Speech

March 16, 2016 William Kilpatrick 0

Whatever your views on Donald Trump, it is wrong to put the burden of responsibility on him for the violence at his Chicago rally on Friday. According to the mainstream media’s explanation, the clashes inside […]