Leftists, Islamists, and America’s weakened resolve

Right now, the greater threat appears to come from the left, but don’t discount Islam’s 1400-year record of cultural and geographical conquest.

(Image: Ayesha Firdaus/Unsplash.com)

Until three months ago, an attempted leftist takeover of American cities seemed a remote possibility. It seemed even less likely that, as the lawlessness spread, prominent voices in our society would join the radicals in calls to defund and even abolish the police. And who would have imagined that, like well-trained seals, giant corporations and wealthy sports teams would jump through whatever hoops the radicals held before them?

No one, it seems, was prepared for what happened. Yet it did happen, and there are many indications that the situation could grow worse. The end result might well be the establishment of a permanent revolutionary government. A future that seemed highly improbable yesterday is now materializing before our eyes.

Meanwhile, for more than a decade, a number of scholars, journalists, and historians have been warning of another, seemingly improbable, future event—an Islamic takeover of our society. If your immediate reaction is to dismiss the notion as preposterous—as something that can’t possibly happen here, consider this: how prepared were you for the leftist insurrection that is currently engulfing our cities? How prepared were you for the capitulation of many social and commercial institutions to the cancel culture? Did you foresee that a Red Guard-type cultural revolution would sweep through our society, resulting in toppled statues and forced oaths of allegiance to the new order?

For that matter, how prepared were you for a once-in-a-century pandemic that resulted in a national lockdown which, in turn, brought unemployment to depression-era levels?

Can’t happen here? A number of disastrous events that were not on anyone’s radar just did happen here.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the possibility that more unexpected and unpleasant surprises are on the way from another quarter. After all, the raison d’être of Islam is the spread of Islam. In case you haven’t consulted the Koran recently, the long-term goal of Islam is to subjugate the whole world to Allah. If that sounds like the megalomaniac delusion of a villain in an Ian Fleming thriller, consider that Islam has made far more progress in the world-takeover department than SMERSH or SPECTRE could ever hope for. And, indeed, in almost every corner of the globe, Islam keeps extending its reach—in Nigeria, the Central African Republic, the Philippines, Lebanon, India, and, of course, in Europe where appeasement of Muslim demands has become the order of the day.

Many Americans, however, would insist that we are immune to Islamization. We’re different from all those other places. One of our first flags featured a rattlesnake and a “Don’t Tread on Me” warning. We cherish our liberty and will fight to defend it. Or so we tell ourselves. On the other hand, America has not proven itself immune to leftist propaganda and intimidation. Leftists of various stripes have been treading all over our cities with impunity in recent months. And when suburbanites post “Black Lives Matter” signs on their lawns in the hope that the vandals will tread on someone else’s lawn, it signals that something has gone out of the national character. If we can’t resist the threat from the left, why suppose that we will be able to resist Islamic intimidation and propaganda—especially when Islamists already enjoy the support of the “progressive” left and their many institutional backers?

Perhaps the essential factor in our failure to stand up to the leftist mobs is a lack of cultural confidence. After decades of educational and media indoctrination, many Americans have come to believe that America really is a racist and discriminatory society without any redeeming qualities. They believe, in short, that America is not worth defending.

So, when statues are torn down, churches vandalized, and America’s founders maligned, a good many of our miseducated citizenry conclude that we had it coming. When communist-style purges are conducted against those who won’t assent to leftist doctrine, the woke among us don’t recognize it as such. They haven’t been taught much about communism or about purges. But they have been taught about the sins of America. In fact, that’s pretty much all they know. And so, the purges being conducted by the cancel culture seem perfectly justified to those who are only shallowly rooted in their own culture.

Likewise, the woke don’t know much about Islam except that it’s a religion of peace, a victim of Western imperialism, and a protected diversity. From the woke point of view, only an “Islamophobe” would question the intentions of Islamic activists.

The best indication that Islamization can happen here is that it’s already happening in large parts of Europe. A number of observers are predicting that several European countries will fall under Islamic control within two decades. This slow-motion takeover is partly due to Islamic immigration and high Muslim birthrates, but also to the fact that Europe’s aging native population is losing the will to resist. That’s understandable. It’s difficult to resist when your hands are occupied with maneuvering your walker.

But the will to resist is not simply a factor of age. It’s also bound up with one’s sense of meaning—something that is usually found in religious faith and in family life. Unfortunately, Europe is a post-Christian, post-family society. The fastest growing segment of the population is Muslim and the vast majority of newly built houses of worship are mosques. It’s beginning to look like the future of Europe will be an Islamic future.

How about the U.S? The situation is different isn’t it? Well, yes. The population is younger than Europe’s. Although family ties are frayed, people still believe in having families. And, although church attendance has declined, Christianity is still a powerful force in many people’s lives.

So, a sudden turn to Islam would seem unlikely. Yet, a sudden turn to Marxism also seemed unlikely. What needs to be understood is that the hard-left lurch we are now experiencing didn’t come out of nowhere. It was the result of long planning and gradual infiltration. For decades, leftists have been tunneling under the foundations of American Society—school, family, church, and free enterprise. It should come as no surprise that we would eventually suffer a collapse of some of our key social institutions.

Likewise, Islamic activism is not a recent development in America. Cultural (or stealth) jihadists have been active since the mid-sixties, carefully laying the groundwork for the eventual triumph of Islamic values over American values. A Muslim Brotherhood memorandum which was dated May 22, 1991, but not discovered by the FBI until years later, envisioned a “grand jihad:”

The Ikhwan [Brotherhood] must understood that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within…so that…God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

Under the Obama administration, the grand jihad flourished. Hillary Clinton’s State Department worked closely with the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation to censor criticism of Islam. And, with American support, the Muslim Brotherhood quickly came to power in Egypt. Meanwhile, Islamic activist organizations came up with their own version of “defund the police”—one that could more accurately be described as “defang the security establishment.” In 2011, a coalition of these groups demanded a purge of training materials used by the FBI, Homeland Security, the Pentagon and more than a dozen other security agencies. The aim was to eliminate any material that was offensive to Islam, and the result was that these agencies were forbidden to draw any connection between Islamic terror and Islamic doctrine. One consequence was that numerous jihad terror attacks which might have been prevented were not.

In some places, the police were also targeted. In New York City, one coalition of Muslim groups actually did manage to abolish one police unit—the highly effective division that was in charge of surveilling the Muslim community for signs of radicalization.

As with the left, another main target of the cultural jihadists was the universities. Since 2012, according to a Clarion Project study, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Arab states have poured billions of dollars into dozens of major universities with the result that American students are graduating with both pro-left and pro-Islam sentiments.

There’s not enough space here to go into the various alliances between leftists and Islamists, but let’s consider one important, but little-known example. During the lead-up to the 1979 Iranian Revolution, leftists and Islamists worked together to overthrow the Shah. Many in the West don’t recall that the Iranian Revolution was initially a secular/leftist/progressive revolution which was then hijacked by a relatively small group of fundamentalist Muslims led by Ayatollah Khomeini.

After decades of social reform under the two shahs, Iran had become largely secularized and Westernized. Nevertheless, Iranians utopians could still conceive of a more democratic and progressive government than the one provided by the Shah. What most couldn’t conceive of was a return to the despotic and oppressive rule of the ayatollahs and imams. But that’s what they got.

Complacent in the belief that fundamentalist Islam could never make a comeback, the progressives made a bargain with the Devil—and suffered the consequences.

There’s a lesson in this bit of not-so-ancient history for our own uncertain times. In light of all that’s happened in the last seven months, we can’t afford to be sure of anything. And we certainly can’t afford to be complacent about Islam.

Right now, the greater threat appears to come from the left, but don’t discount Islam’s 1400-year record of cultural and geographical conquest. Islamic activists are laying low for the time being, observing how the leftist revolution will play out. By now, they have undoubtedly noted that America’s will to resist is much weaker than anyone had previously imagined.

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About William Kilpatrick 81 Articles
William Kilpatrick is the author of several books on religion and culture including Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West (Ignatius Press) and What Catholics Need to Know About Islam (Sophia Institute Press). For more on his work and writings, visit his Turning Point Project website.


  1. What a difference 1400 years DOESN’T make…Three comments: First, the DOCILITY of the 7th-century Christian leadership in the face of Islam; Second, what dialogue today does and DOES NOT mean; and Third, are we turning the clock BACK to the 7th Century?

    FIRST, from the Medina period (622-32 A.D.), the Qur’an recalls the initially different encounters with Jews and with seemingly Trinitarian Christians:

    “Thou shalt find the Jews to be very great Enemies to the true Believers; and the Christians to have great Inclination and Amity towards them [Muslim true Believers], for they have Priests and Religious, that are humble, who have Eyes full of Tears when they hear mention of the Doctrine which God hath inspired into thee, because of their knowledge of the Truth, and Say, Lord we believe in thy Law, write us in the number of them who profess thy Unity. Who shall hinder us from believing in God, and the Truth wherein we have been instructed. We desire with Passion, O Lord, to be in the number of the Just” (Q 5:82).

    SECOND, “Equality, which is a presupposition of interreligious dialogue, refers to the EQUAL PERSONAL DIGNITY OF THE PARTIES in dialogue, NOT to doctrinal content, NOR even less to the position of Jesus Christ—who is God himself made man—in relation to the founders of the other religions.” (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Dominus Iesus, 2000, n. 22, CAPS added).

    THIRD, “I am urging people to realize that a war has indeed been declared on the West. I am not pushing for a rejection of dialogue, which we need more than ever with those Islamic countries that wish to live in peaceful coexistence with the West, to our mutual benefit. I am asking for something more fundamental: I AM ASKING FOR PEOPE TO REALIZE THAT DIALOGUE WILL BE A WASTE OF TIME IF ONE OF THE TWO PARTNERS TO THE DIALOGUE STATES BEFOREHAND THAT ONE IDEA IS AS GOOD AS ANOTHER (Benedict XVI, Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam, 2006, p. 45.CAPS added).

    In the Abu Dhabi Declaration (2019), a needed “culture of dialogue” toward fraternity, BUT WHY ALSO a conceded “pluralism” of religions?

    • To people of the Left and fellow travelers (including various States), “dialogue” actually means a 2-party monologue wherein the party of the Right is cajoled to move more toward the position of the Left while the party of the Left never moves closer to the position of the Right. And whenever a party of the Right rejects moving to the Left (alas, not often enough), the party of the Left declares that the party of the Right is not really interested in dialogue due to some kind of prejudice that prevents it from seeing the “more intelligent” position of the Left no matter how objectively ignorant and/or irrational the Left’s position may actually be.

  2. All I can say is WOW. WOW. WOW. Maybe they will relent if we just say “pretty please”. THAT is about the extent of our ability to resist. Their TOTAL MONOPOLY of the mainstream press is seemingly impenetrable.
    Understanding the true nature of a threat is the first step in defeating it. Thank you for the clarity in this article. Now what?

    • The muslim/communist Obama will become the president again, after the assassination of Trump. And suddenly, the persecution of Christians and Jews will be unparalleled.
      Leave the US now, if you can.

  3. Kilpatrick was very helpful during the Obama years, when our government seemed to be trying to help Islam as much as it could, and harm Christianity as much as it could. So his voice crying in the wilderness was a great benefit to all during the Obama days. After all, the Federal government seemed to be trying to force Islam into our schools, it seemed to be propagandizing in favor of Islam in the military, and of course it supported the Islamization of our universities. Basically the power of the federal government was behind the increase of Islam in America.
    All that changed since Trump was elected. Trump has reversed Obama’s attempt to culturally undermine our institutions. No longer is the federal government advocating for Islam. So I am sorry, but I find Kilpatricks attempt to convince us an Islamic takeover is just around the corner to be…unconvincing.
    As for the Marxist/leftist/BLM stuff going on right now, it is clear that is only happening in 1) TV networks 2) Rich elites who think they must bow down to keep their status with the leftists 3) Large Corporations whose leaders are leftists anyway. So while it is true they have a strong presence in our elites, they have virtually no serious presence among regular people. And no matter how many ads or stupid TV shows or BLM banners they want to display, nobody is going along with it. Bubba the Nascar driver got booed by the crowd when he appeared, NBA ratings are way, way down. The whole BLM thing is sinking like a lead balloon. So no, Marxists are not going to take over the country (It’s all a show for the election year, when thats over this stuff will go away) I even saw a Major league baseball player crying because he is so upset that “nobody cares” about his BLM crap.
    So as helpful as Kilpatrick was during the Obama years, I am afraid we have reached the point where the public is wise to the insinuation of Islam into our institutions, and we have elected a president who is opposing Islam, and things have gotten much better. No, the country is not going to be taken over by Islam – well, maybe in a hundred years, if we continue to contracept and Muslims continue to have children. But even then, there are signs that Muslims, once exposed to our culture, have a tendency to convert to Christianity as well. Sorry, I am not convinced by this article.

    • While Trump is obviously better than what would have happened under Hilary Clinton, he has hardly “reversed” anything yet, the federal government no doubt still harbors many leftists waiting for another opportunity, the Supreme Court is hardly reliable, and we have a divided Congress that could change either way in a few months. We still desperately need Mr. Kilpatrick’s warnings.

    • It certainly is possible that Islamists will be part of the grand, anti-American, anti-White, anti-Christian coalition that could impose tyranny on this country. The Left has been openly sympathetic to their cause. The whole motley collection may end up at each other’s throats eventually, but they seem more than willing to unite in the short term to finish off what remains of the historic American nation.

    • “There are signs that Muslims, once exposed to our culture, have a tendency to convert to Christianity as well.” How dominant is this “tendency”? Islam thinks in terms of centuries, not Western election cycles—but here are a few current details…

      Regarding our “culture”, in the EUROPEAN UNION, Muslims are not interested in assimilating to the same degree as they are in the different United States. Yet they are also unable at least temporarily to coalesce sufficiently within any of the European Union countries to achieve recognized corporate status. If they achieve such status similar to the clear Christian denominations—and quite apart from assimilating—they will then regard themselves as qualified to seek state educational subsidies like those long provided to the Catholic Church and Protestant denominations.

      And then there’s this:

      A comparative survey of Muslims populations in the somewhat different UNITED STATES culture concludes that Muslims in France, Spain and Britain are nearly twice as likely to regard suicide bombing as sometimes justified (15 percent rather than 7 percent). Nearly two-thirds of American adult Muslims were born abroad and, while conservative socially, they lean heavily toward the Democratic Party by 6:1. African American Muslims are apparently more radical than the new immigrants…Immigrant Muslims are 3 percent favorable toward al-Qaeda, compared to 9 percent of African American Muslims, while 36 percent are unfavorable compared to 63 percent for immigrants.

      (Alan Cooperman, “America’s Mainstreamed Muslims,” Washington Post, May 23, 2007; telephone survey advised by Muslims Amaney Jamal and Farid Senzai of 1,050 adults with a margin of sampling error of 5 percentage points. These results were generally confirmed in a followup Pew Research Center survey: “Muslim Americans: No Signs of Growth in Alienation or Support for Extremism”, August 30, 2011 [http://people-press.org).

      • ” Yet they are also unable at least temporarily to coalesce sufficiently within any of the European Union countries to achieve recognized corporate status. ”

        If they have control over neighborhoods, to the point that the neighborhoods are no-go zones for the police, then they don’t need recognized corporate status to cause further problems.

        • My remark simply refers to the so-far inability of the Muslim clans (or whatever) to settle on an agreed nationwide Muslim leadership in any country, sufficient to then demand formal government recognition, and Euro payments as are had by the Catholic Church and Protestant denominations for historical reasons (e.g., compensation for Church properties and churches seized during the Reformation). No contest about the still-fragmented no-go zones under Shari’a Law.

  4. Our continued appeasement of BLM.Antifa,thugs,and arrested criminals being quickly released back onto our streets to create more,Arson,Death & Misery does not bode well for America.This societal “Rot” spreads from socialist/Marxist democrat party down.When the mob was screaming & howling from the top of their lungs in 2008 :”You are the one we’ve been waiting for”! It wasn’t Christ they looking for it was Obama/Biden.The results of that Satanic wish are evident today.

  5. A number of observers are predicting that several European countries will fall under Islamic control within two decades.

    As an Englishman I predict that the whole of continental Europe to the west of Poland has already succumbed to Islam – defeat here is inevitable, and all that remains for the ummah is a mopping up operation. It will be all over in less than two decades.

    It matters not that Jay Smith, David Wood and a host of experts have completely debunked the traditional account of the origins of Islam. It is of no consequence that Robert Spencer is currently rewriting his book “Did Muhammad Exist?” to take account of new research that suggests that the locus in quo of Muhammad’s exploits was not Mecca and Medina in the Hejaz, but the neighbourhood of Seleucia-Ctesiphon in Mesopotamia. Europe has definitively rejected Christianity, and therefore Islam will conquer the continent and acquire a new lease on life.

    What would the Founding Fathers of the United States do to the Leftist and Islamist insurgents, and why? They would kill them. And they would do it because convinced that Christianity is the only way to the salvation of the soul, which is of immeasurably greater value than the life of an evildoer.

    • Michael Petek,
      Well, considering that the American Founding Fathers were the leftist insurgents of their day I’m not quite sure what they would do.
      I’m a huge fan of Washington but have you ever read Jefferson’s comments on the French Revolution?

      • The Founding Fathers were a varied group, but still not to be read through today’s lens as “leftist insurgents” (except, perhaps for such as the radical pamphleteer Thomas Paine). Their purpose, instead, was more CONSERVATIVE (in the non-reactionary sense), that is, initially to restore earlier privileges granted under charter both by an earlier king and before a later parliament had expanded its role in his place (as in parliamentary “taxation without [now colonial] representation”).

        Haven’t read Jefferson’s alleged comments on the French Revolution, but will note here, for example, that his wording of the Declaration of Independence referred to “sacred and undeniable” rights (The words of a “leftist insurgent”?) rather than even “self-evident” rights—substitute wording from Benjamin Franklin. Also, that Jefferson believed in a republic rather than pure democracy (the term “democracy” reportedly shows up only once in his Writings, P.L. Ford, ed.).

        And of the French Revolution and democracy of a leftist bent, at least this remark from Jefferson, that: the 1791 constitution would work out in France, provided it was kept within the framework of a constitutional monarchy (wording of Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Leftism Revisited, 1990, parsing a letter dated Feb. 14, 1815 included in a French source dated February 25, 1833).

        John Adams remarked that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And, in his pubic prayer (not reduced to subjective and private, as by today’s leftists) for the nation, George Washington said such as this: “Almighty God; we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government [….].” (The words of a “leftist insurgent?”)

        • Peter,
          Good Morning!
          Yes compared to what we see today, the Founding Fathers were conservatives. Absolutely. But in their time, conservatives defended the monarchy. “Leftwing insurgents” started revolutions.
          I deeply admire Washington & I think George III did also but to be fair, Washington betrayed the vow he took as a British officer & fought in a war of secession. Similar to the difficult position Robert E. Lee found himself in.
          I admire Washington, Lee, & George III alike. Events can place us where we have to make hard decisions about our loyalties. And those decisions may have tragic results.

        • Mrscracker

          Good morning, also!

          You write: “Events can place us where we have to make hard decisions about our loyalties.”

          Yes, but from whence come these “events?” Too often, throughout history, we first paint ourselves into corners. (U.S. Navy ship collisions –e.g., two in 2017—are attributed largely to lack of earlier “situation awareness.”)

          Was the War for Independence (whether a conservative restoration or leftist revolution) an inevitable “event”? Had the British 20th-century commonwealth model been in place, the war might well have been averted. Franklin’s Albany Plan (1754, later refined by Joseph Galloway at the 1774 First Continental Congress where it failed by ONE vote) actually proposed just such a federated relationship among the colonies, under dominion status with Britain (Kelly and Harbison, The American Constitution: Its Origins and Development, Norton & Co., 1963).

          Highly unlikely that Britain would have agreed, but the point is that with any ocean-crossing, an early course correction of only one degree can point to a different port (event) possibly free of zero-sum “hard decisions about our loyalties.”

          History is open-ended, but as for the “complex web we weave,” and the more clearly leftist/anti-religious French Revolution, part of the monarchy’s triggering budget crisis was likely the cost of the naval blockade against Cornwallis, thirteen years earlier at Yorktown.

          • Good Morning Peter,
            Yes, sadly we can’t go back & fix history but I think many wars could have been prevented including our own revolution.
            I’ve read that one contributing factor behind the French Revolution was the debt France incurred assisting us in our revolt.

      • Equality is a value that the left shouts from the rooftop. There is no equality between Creator and creature. This would explain the overwhelmingly secular, and atheist character of leftist revolutions. The only place where their kind of equality can be found is in the graveyard, where everyone is totally, and equally, dead. Death as the great equalizer. You only have to look at the body count of the French, Bolshevik, and Chinese revolutions to see this in action. The liberty(of death), equality(of death), fraternity(of death) pretty much sums up the Rein of Terror. When you look at the actions of the Founding Fathers, they don’t look anything like the actions taken in the above mentioned revolutions.

        • Greg,
          Yes, thankfully our revolution looked very different from the ones following in France & elsewhere but ours was a civil war as well as a revolt. It was more brother-against-brother than peasant-against- nobility.

          Most British Loyalist civilians survived to evacuate to Canada, Britain, the West Indies or Spanish held territories, which was a much happier ending than their counterparts in France experienced.

  6. What I wonder about is what will happen when the inevitable breakup of leftists and Islamic fundamentalists occurs. At some point, the more powerful group in the alliance will have no need of the other and start the executions. Until Covid, I was sure that Islam would prevail, even possibly by the electoral process (Muslims, as we know, don’t practice birth control) but the emergence of totalitarian government in America and elsewhere makes that less certain. I could see a scenario where a totalitarian leftist national government consolidates power and decides that Islamic morality is incompatible with its aims. After all, aren’t the biggest “homophobes” Muslim? Just something more to keep us awake at night in case we still get a minute or two of sleep. Of course, for Christians, will it matter if we get shot by the radicals or beheaded by Muslims? If only we would wake up and smell the coffee and start cranking out Christian babies… sigh.

    • My first instinct is that a Leftist America would be not much different from China and would treat the Muslims as the Chinese treat the Uighurs.

      What gives me pause is that China is a latecomer to Sexual Revolution. Chinese men are still Alpha males, for whom killing a Muslim is as casual as turning off a light. American and Western Leftist men are entitled snowflakes who wouldn’t say boo to a Muslim goose.

    • There is a very interesting (though distressing) article in the October 2020 issue of First Things (“Suicide of the Liberals”) about a historical parallel event in Russia in the early 20th century. The misnamed Intelligentsia movement (nihilistic, atheist and cruelly homicidal) was slavishly supported and endorsed by the liberal progressives Kadet party in the Duma and by woke businesses as well. After the Revolution, the Bolsheviks quickly liquidated the Kadets and we know what happened to the rope-selling businesses. I believe Islam would do the same to the leftists if these two movement were to succeed in their common revolutionary objective.

  7. Americans are demographically younger than Europeans in part because of recent immigration. If you look at the average age in some rural US counties it closely resembles Japan. Ditto for current American birth rates.
    The Amish are the fastest growing denomination in North America due to their high birth rates, high retention rates, and commitment to their communities.
    From what I’ve read, immigrants from nations with higher fertility rates eventually end up with similar birth rates as their adopted country.
    If Muslim immigrants have more children than the rest of the population then of course they will one day become a majority. But that rule applies to the Amish, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, and Traditional Catholics as well. Right now, the Amish are way ahead of everyone else in that race.
    How many children do Leftists have?

  8. What Kilpatrick does not cover here, but has documented extensively in other columns, is the complete failure of the Church to resist or even warn against this growing threat. To the contrary, the hierarchy, from the Pope on down (with a few honorable exceptions), demand that Western countries take in what amounts to unlimited numbers of Muslim migrants and grant every accomodation to them once they are here. The atrocius Abu Dhabi statement helps provide the theological justification for this treason.

  9. Taxation without representation; much like we have in MI with a power hungry governor who is close to 200 exec directives, with very little input from our full time state representatives.

  10. Political solutions are useless. Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote one his book The World’s First Live a chapter called Mary and the Muslims. He believed the Muslims would be converted to Christianity, to the extent that we hold up the banner of the message of Our Lady of Fatima. Sheen’s reasoning pointed to the reverence Muslims have for Mary in Koran and Fatima the favored daughter of Mohammed. Fatima Portugal was named after a Muslim princess legend. Our Lady can convert millions within short time as she did in 1530s Guadalupe Mexico, right at the time Europe was dying by millions to Protestantism. And only 30 years after Guadalupe, her banner was flown at the decisive naval Battle of Lepanto, where the mighty Turks almost finished off Europe before the Renaissance. So where there is faith, there is hope. Use it well.

  11. Nice!

    Now if I can just forward this to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the hope that this opinion piece, theorizing of a shill, can get them to stop persecuting Muslims and see Muslims as not a threat to the Communist party. Besides neither one of them believes in a God. Am I right?

    Done. That was easy! Now Muslims and Communists are friends.

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