Jihad in Sheep’s Clothing

May 31, 2015 William Kilpatrick 0

Suppose you are the pastor of a large suburban parish and suppose further that several members of your parish want to invite a well-known speaker to talk about the threat from militant Islam. You check […]


Whither Catholics’ Beliefs?

May 30, 2015 Skip O'Neel 0

In the late 1990s, I read a former Anglican’s conversion story. He said his journey to Catholicism began when he realized the person standing next to him during services, who he knew well, meant the […]


The Two Prongs of the Burgeoning Persecution

May 28, 2015 Russell Shaw 0

The persecution of the Catholic Church and other morally conservative religious bodies has begun in the United States. As predicted, it isn’t—thank God—bloody persecution like the persecution of Christians in many countries. But it’s real […]

No Picture

Europe’s War on Christian Ethics

May 28, 2015 Alessandra Nucci 0

There is a place in Slovakia called Bardejovska Nova Ves where pro-lifers have erected a poignant monument to the Unborn Child. It portrays a weeping mother, on her knees before a translucent child figure, depicted […]