The Danger of Soft Atheism

May 20, 2014 Bishop Robert Barron 0

A very instructive exchange between Gary Gutting, a philosophy professor at Notre Dame, and Philip Kitcher, a philosophy professor at Columbia, just appeared in the pages of The New York Times. Kitcher describes himself as […]


Truth, Beauty, and Comic Books

May 19, 2014 Michael J. Lichens 0

Like every other kind of fictional genre, comics have the power to spark the imagination and restore a sense of beauty. Their fantastic heroes, villains, and sweeping mythologies have become for us a paradigm for […]


My Afternoon with the Atheists

May 16, 2014 Dr. Eric Cunningham 0

Shortly after Christmas, I was invited to take part in a “friendly discussion” at the monthly meeting of a local chapter of self-described “freethinkers.” I’m not sure how they decided to approach me. Possibly they […]