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Catholic Composers: Henryk Gorecki

February 17, 2017 Paul Senz 0

Henryk Gorecki is not a name that is known to the general public; in fact, it’s likely not a name that the general public even knows how to pronounce. But he was a figure of […]


Learning to Live Liturgically, Day by Day

November 3, 2016 Paul Senz 0

Numbering My Days: How the Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life (Ignatius Press, 2016), a new book by Dr. Chene Heady, chronicles one man’s attempt to rearrange and reorient his life with the Church’s liturgical calendar […]


A conversation with Fr. George Rutler

September 14, 2016 Paul Senz 0

Father George William Rutler commands respect and attention with his grounded demeanor and calm, confident disposition. Those who have followed his career know well that when he opens his mouth, puts pen to paper, or […]


Delving into “The World of Ben-Hur”

August 18, 2016 Paul Senz 0

For many people, the name “Ben-Hur” immediately conjures up images of Roman chariot races, Arab sheiks, treks across the desert, dozens of oarsmen propelling Roman warships, and—again—chariot races in Roman amphitheaters. It may bring to […]