The Dispatch

God bless Fr. LaCuesta

December 17, 2018 Edward N. Peters 61

If the text recently sent to me really was the homily that Fr. Don LaCuesta preached at the funeral Mass of a young man who suddenly killed himself a few days ago, for which homily LaCuesta has been savaged […]

The Dispatch

Excommunicated Catholics are still Catholic

November 20, 2018 Edward N. Peters 7

An essay published some five years ago purporting “to clear up confusion about excommunication” recently popped up again and sowed anew confusion on several aspects of excommunication. I don’t recall responding to the original publication but […]

The Dispatch

A note on the other kind of schism

November 7, 2018 Edward N. Peters 14

Most Catholics correctly, but incompletely, understand schism as “the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff” (1983 CIC 751). Overlooked here—perhaps because it is much rarer than is typical ‘anti-papal schism’ and is harder to […]